Why not supersize a favorite childrens game? We built a 4ft. tall Cootie game just for fun.

1/8" plywood
1" wood dowel
1" x 2" wood spacers
cardboard tubes
PVC pipes

Hot glue
brown craft paper
PlayBOX wheat paste

Masonary waterproof paint
Acrylic paints

Step 1: Form the Body

  1. Cut out 3 plywood circles the body diameter
  2. Drill a 1" wood dowel sized hole in the center of the plywood.
  3. Wrap cardboard around the circle to make a tube for each body segment
  4. Cut slots in the cardboard body tubes to bend and glue with hot glue to make each body segment.
  5. Repeat for each of the three body segments
  6. Stack each body segment on the 1" dowel to connect them all together.
  7. Glue in a cardboard neck tube that the head tube will slip into.
God! I used to LLLOOOVVVEEE this game! I need to make this! This is really neat!

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