When you have a tool, size matters. Here's how to build a giant cordless power drill.

This will be used as a prop for Caitlin's contractor/builder Halloween costume for this year (easy- hardhat/googles, toolbelt, and usual schoolclothes). Yes, she knows how to handle power tools safely. And with pic of her in costume from her school parade.

This instructable shows you that you can pretty much imagine anything and build it giant-sized for a kid. In additon to making swell props for your Halloween costume, these have potential utility for children to use in their classroom or for class plays.

So to add to our list of giant Twinkies, giant magnet and giant toothbrush, here is our giant cordless power drill instructable.

Step 1: Useless Stuff to Useful Stuff

This prop was made from stuff laying around the house. As usual, a trip to the recycling bin to find some materials to reuse.

You will need:
- some cardboard
- some plastic bottles in various shapes
- a piece of wood to use as a handle 1"x3" pine
- a wood dowel 3/8" diameter
- handheld fan
- a momentary push switch and wire to mod the handheld fan
- for decoration, various colors of duct tape, electrical tape, clear packaging tape
- aluminum duct tape, this stuff is great for adding the look of metal to any object.
- some screws for attaching parts
- some printed images of logos or warning labels to add realism to your project.

- basic tools to cut wood, cardboard and plastic

CAUTION: Scissors and utility knives are sharp. Know how to handle and properly use them safely. Cut plastic will leave sharp edges. Put tape over the cut edges for safety.
Amazing!!! I luv all your invention, 6 mins to midnight.... I still look thru your inventions. Zzzzzzz
Here's my version.<br>I improved the design a little, by using a screw to attach the broomstick and both plastic bottles. I also used a wood piece nailed to both the &quot;body&quot; of the drill and drilled to the power source.
Oooooo, Nice! How much run time do you get with that tupperware battery pack?
It ran all night long, until the party was over :). Thanks for this amazing instructable!
man, caitlin is the luckiest girl in the world. :)
Thanks, she is spoiled <em>good</em>. I just want to show everyone to use their imagination to have fun. You can walk up and down every aisle in the toy store all day and not find one good toy today that uses your imagination. So I make stuff with things laying around the house, way better and much cheaper. You are lucky to be on this site which means something is fueling your imagination. It's a good thing.<br/>
&nbsp;wat about legos
I'll amend that to say &quot;what toy that she already has been given...&quot;&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;make giant legos if u can<br /> <br />
&nbsp;o ya by da way she might like giant legos
I take those Flinstone stupid medicine tablets. Are you Vietnamese?
No. <strong>A</strong>merican <strong>B</strong>orn <strong>C</strong>hinese.<br/>
ABC... lol
as easy as 123....
that's how easy love can be!<br />
<sub>+5/5 stars</sub><br/>
I hate to post this here, but is anyone else having this problem? Every time I click on a picture or leave comment or similar, it always brings me to the top of the page! So annoying when viewing long instructables!
You could click the <strong>Report Bug</strong> in the About Us box way at the bottom of the page. Make sure you state the operating system(XP, MAC) you use and the type of browser(IE, firefox...) so that they can help you pinpoint a problem. Also, what resolution are you running your desktop, it may be the way your browser refreshes. Report the bug. Thanks.<br/>
Sweet !, you should add a motor to the pill bottle area so it rotates !! :D
The fan motor I used was not powerful enough to spin the dowel drill bit that was collared in by the bottle caps. I guess the fan wasn't supposed to have high torque so you don't chop your fingers off even though it had fabric/foam blades.<br/><br/>But there is plenty of <em>room</em> for improvement.<br/>
oh yea i forgot the drill bit was wooden, maybe if it was replaced with Styrofoam or small pvc. Whatever, its still super awesome even if it doesn't move !!
Great mock up!
We thought about a giant hammer but figured the kids would hit each other over the head with it. So we built something more dangerous, a cordless power drill.
thats sweet i like the pill bottle keyless chuck
I think one of the powerdrink/Gatorade bottles might have worked as a chuck too.
Yeah it might but I think you would have some problems with scale.
...then scale up the body with a two-gallon jug of something. Bigger is better.
That is so very.... very true.
Some silver spray paint in place of the aluminum foil will give it a look that is more "polished steel" and less "chrome," and and eliminate the wrinkly texture of foil.
Unfortunately, most metal paints need a clear coat so it doesn't rub off. This aluminum duct sealing tape is great because it goes on fast, sticks to about everything, fairly cheap, and leaves a kid-friendly surface. Besides, no need to mess with paints if you don't have the time for it to dry. School Halloween parade is in the morning.
Plan ahead better next time. :-P Actually, almost all silver spray paints are very fast-drying. Unless you blast on a thick coating, it is usually dry to the touch within a minute. I understand the convenience of foil tape, though.
It's Tool Time!
Sigh, our school got rid of any type of dressing up for Halloween. Instead they have to dress up as a story book character. If they do they get extra recess on Monday. That's why my sister is staying home tomorrow. For me though we don't do anything for Halloween anyway. Oop, I'm off topic. Great looking prop! Gives me some ideas... :)
You can really make anything with cardboard and tape and maybe some scrap pieces of wood. All you need is imagination.

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