The Concept

So, this started out as one of those ridiculous ideas that comes to you in the wee morning hours, when you're just starting to emerge from the cocoon of sleep and your conscious and subconscious are fighting for control of your thoughts.  Also, certain quantities of beer and cheese may have been consumed the night before...  Anyway, suffice to say that I was punched awake by my girlfriend for the crime of laughing in my sleep and came to with the striking image of people walking around with the heads of Easter Island statues in place of their own.

Cut forward to September and my other half’s birthday planning.  Excitedly, she told me that she’d decided to have a country themed party.  Not, she hastened to add to my brief dismay, the musical genre, but literally a party where everybody had to come dressed as a different country.  And so it was that my dream achieved prophetic status and I embarked on the adventure of creating my own Easter Island headpiece...

Step 1: You Will Need

The following is a list of the tools and resources you will need to make your very own cumbersome grey paper helmet.


A drill
Tape measure
Stanley knife
Paint brushes (don't use your best sable hair, the pound shop (dollar store?) will do)
Tin snips or shears (not pictured)
A pen
Screwdriver (whatever, as long as it fits your screws)
GLOVES (I didn't use, I did regret)


Enough scrap wood to make a frame
Corrugated cardboard
Chicken wire
Lots and lots of masking tape
Ditto gaffer (duct, Duck) tape
A hoarder's home's worth of newspapers
PVA glue (plenty)
8 wood screws
Poster/acrylic paints
Flock (fake grass)
A cocktail stick
A tiny bit of paper to make an adorable flag

A brief aside

Pleased and excited by my idea for the costume, I made the error of telling my friend Jon, the Prince of Playful Sardonicism, (and apparently useless geographical trivia), who quickly pointed out that he felt the costume would be inappropriate for the event, as Easter Island is a province of Chile and not a country in its own right.  This, from the guy who eventually turned up two hours late to the party costumed as a secessionist Cornwall and preceded to ingratiate himself to the assembled masses by handing out Cornish pasties and craft beers...  But I had a giant hot box of a hat and an amusing way of walking through doors (spoiler alert: sideways), so sod you, Jon!
That is fantastic, I want one!
Thanks a lot! I had fun making it.

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