Hello members of the interwebs, 

Have you ever wondered what your life is missing? 

Is it potatoes? Dirty dishes? Famine? Meteors? An understanding of string theory?

No, it's none of THOSE things. What your life is missing is more GIANT DRAGON PUPPETS. But fear not, for now you too can build your very own giant dragon puppet! Think of all the uses! Haloween props, putting on a play, scaring your friends, entertaining at children's birthday parties, washing your car*, mowing your lawn**, ending world hunger!*** The uses are endless!!!!!!****

*Dragon puppets can't do this
**Nope, not this either
***Also no. 
****Uses for a dragon puppet are not actually endless. 


PVC Pipe (1 1/4inch width, 1/2 inch width)
PVC connectors
Fabric (two colors)
Gorilla glue
Hot glue
A sewing machine (or just a lot of time on your hands)
A card table


Ready now? then off we go!!! 

Step 1: Making the Head

You are going to want to make your dragon head out of something light-weight. We carved ours out of styrofoam, but you can form it from any method you choose. (other good options would be carving it out of felt-foam or sculpting with caulking foam.) 

Make sure that it is sturdy and has a flat surface at the back of the head where the neck will attach. 

Earlier designs had the head and jaw be separate pieces to allow the mouth to open. Based on how skilled a sculptor/electrician you are, you might want to add LED lights for eyes or a fog machine to make him breathe fire. 
<p>How were you able to carve the head out of the styrofoam? Is there a special tool that I need to use?</p>
Turned Out Great!!!
Too Darn Cool... ! I love it just the way it is!
Nice design but definitely not fire breathing. I was expecting a clever introduction to some pyrotechnics. Looks great though!
Hey great job well done, as a costumer, I can see many possibilities for this as a prop. May I ask whether the styro-foam you used was the smooth stuff because the regular stuff with the rough texture from holes, doesn't carve well.Where did you get a piece that large? <br>Once again, thumbs way up for this.
Right now my life is missing the &quot;fire breathing&quot; part of this instructable ...
with oil at $107 a barrel the only fire coming out is the dragon is the curses at the gas station when it needs to fill up....but remember we are trying to keep it classy and green here so it is fueled by your imagination for the time being :)
Incredible job. Can you guys perform at my birthday party? <br />

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