I made this game so that I could take it to our community park and for all the kids in the neighborhood to play with. (well, those not playing a game that is similar to Jenga ;-) ) It is very popular. The large size can even draw in sulky teenagers

It is not to difficult to make, now, that I have made all the mistakes, you don’t have to.


If you like this PLEASE vote for me. I really would like to win a camera so I can stop borrowing one to post instructables.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools






(2) 36” X 48” X 3/8” of plywood


(2) 8 ’X 2” X 3” pine


1 small knob optional


I piece of wood 1 ½” X ¼” X 48”


Scrap of wood 5” X 11”X  ¾”


! piece of wood ¾” X 1” X 48”


1 piece 36” X 1” X 1 ¾”


1 piece 36” X 1” X 1 ¾”


1 piece 34 7/8” X 1” X 1 ¾”


(6) 34 7/8” X 1” X ¾” boards


(1) 1” X 12” X 12’ boards (or a couple of 6” boards)




(2) 2” X 12” X 8”  (can be glued together)


Miscellaneous screws & glue










Table saw




Band saw




Hole saw




Scroll saw or wonder saw






<p>Hi...........the instructions are great. All I need now is the instructions on how to play.</p><p>jan.........</p>
It is very easy. <br><br>It is a two player or two teams game. Each player/team takes turns dropping one piece into the gameboard.<br><br>The goal is to get four in a row, it can up and down, across or vertically.<br><br>Players block their opponents by dropping their own color in the opponent's path. The first to get four it a straight line wins.
I wish I had the tools required for the job! Interested in selling one to a gal in California?
Where are you in California? maybe we can build one together. I am in CA, for the next couple of months.
This is fantastic!!!
Thank you very much.
Great job!
Thank you.
You Are a Genius! Please make more giant games!!!!
Thank you. I am going to make more games. But space is getting a bit tight here. I am planning some public projects (that way I don't have to store them ;-))
I'm with eyewalk, make them and give them to the community. It's a win-win! I'm thinking a big checkerboard, a big Chinese checkerboard, oh, oh, a big chutes and ladders. The ideas...!
I am going to make some checker tables for kids and senior and use the round cut out to make checkers. <br> <br> I did a giant chutes and ladders a few years back, I am sorry I don't have photos. <br> <br>I really want to make a near life size chess set. But I don't have the resources for that yet.
Absolute genius, thanks for sharing. I was wondering what to build for my son, who has a 5th birthday coming up, and he loves classic games like this.
Thank You. Wow, this would be a great gift, you have a very lucky child.
Love love love it, totally :). Thank you so much for sharing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Wow! I initially thought - wow this is too big - until I read that you plan on bringing it to the park for the kids to play with!!! That is incredible!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! :) Wonderful work here - good luck with the contest. You shouldn't need to borrow a camera to take your pics of your awesome instructables!
I think this would be a great family size. If you have the space, <br>The houses in this neighborhood are all 400 square feet or smaller. Not much room for games, if a family could afford them, which most can not.
that's a great idea but I'd use frizbees as pieces
Thanks. Frizbees would be less work. But, I can only find full size Frizbees here and THAT would be a huge game.
I beat my mom in this game all the time! I need one of these :)
It is not nice to win against your Mom! At least that is what I wanted my kids to think. ;-) This is a game they usually won.
;) Yeah I used to beat my brother in law all the time too - really made me like th game! LOL

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