Picture of Giant Goldfish Cracker
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Step 1: Styrofoam blocks

Picture of styrofoam  blocks
we used 4 styrofoam blocks and glued them together using styroglue and a hot glue gun

Step 2: Outline

Picture of outline
outline the goldfish shape into the styrofoam blocks to get the shape you want using a sharpie

Step 3: Sawing

Picture of sawing
use a key-hole saw to saw the shape of the goldfish into the styrofoam

Step 4: Painting

Picture of painting
13, 10:25 AM.jpg
once you have the goldfish cut out of the styrofoam in the shape you want, then you can paint it an orange color. use orange acrylic paint

Step 5: Add the smile

Picture of add the smile
then add the smile onto the goldfish using a sharpie