Step 3: Melt Gummy Bears

Without too many problems, you can just melt them in a pot over the stove until they are the consistency of syrup and the bears lose any actual shape. If you're worried about burning them, try a medium heat.

The devil about this step concerns heat. Melted gummi bears are extremely burny and extremely sticky. This is a combination for disaster. If you happen to get some on your skin, you can't wipe it off without smearing over more skin and burning more area. Running it under water of course will cool it down, but you might have burns. Therefore, don't let any animals or little kids get near this. If you're very worried about it, wear oven mits when holding the pot.
<p>I just made a 6 pound gummy guitar for a Halloween party! If it won't come out of the mold, run steaming hot water over the bottom until it falls into your hands. Plus it tasted way better then vat19's gummy worm I got a few months ago. Never buying gummy stuff from them agian</p>
<p>does it still taste the same as before you melt them?</p>
<p>By the way, Vat19's biggest gummy bear is now 26 pounds! They added it not that long ago</p>
<p>Hi there! So I know this is a few years old, but I'm hoping that someone may be able to answer:</p><p>I made this using silicone molds and haribo gummy bears... I found that it was easier to melt the bears on a low temp directly in the molds in the oven, though I tried to double boiler/heat on the stove as well.</p><p>For both processes, after the figures cooled in the freezer for several hours and I got them out of the mold, they liquified into a gelatinous mess on the plate! Totally lost their shape and the consistency was very &quot;gaggy&quot; for lack of a better word. Pretty inedible, especially for kids.</p><p>Just wondering if anyone has come across the melting oozy problem and if there was a solution? Thanks!</p>
Tried this and failed miserably, several times. Melting was not a problem. The first time, I didn't do anything with the molds. Second time, I dusted them with corn starch. Both times they were impossible to get out. <br> <br>I What I've learned is that you just can't use plastic chocolate molds. Not small ones anyway. Next time, I'll find silicone molds. Unfortunately, I was doing these for a camping trip this weekend. Guess it'll have to be chocolate instead. <br> <br>Already, planning space invader ones next time I try though!
Sorry you had trouble. Do you have internet links to the types of molds you used so others can learn from your troubles?
They were just your standard chocolate molds. I got them from <a href="http://www.confectioneryhouse.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.confectioneryhouse.com</a>. I think a couple things might have happened.<br> <br> 1. I sprayed the pot I was using. I think the oil changed the consistency just enough to keep it from totally setting. Didn't make much difference for the pot, it stuck to the pot anyway...<br> 2. The molds I was using were on the smaller side.<br> 3. They had smaller, rougher textures to the designs. So the gummy probably stuck into that a bit more. The plastic is probably porous too, making them stick worse.<br> <br> Definitely stick with silicone or rubber, something non-porous or stretchy enough that you can freeze the gummy, then you can peel the mold off of it if you need to.<br> <br> I tested this with cheap dollar store gummy bears and peach rings.&nbsp; Both melted very easily and at a very low temp.&nbsp; The cost was considerably cheaper too, you can get a 9oz bag of gummy bears for $1 at most Dollar Trees.&nbsp; So that's a little over 5.6 lbs for $10.&nbsp; Really cost effective if you've got a dollar store nearby.
How can you make your gummy candies not sticky when cooled?? :-/ Mine are sticky :(
Before you add the melted gummy bears, put some vegetable oil in the mold and shake or just make sure the inside is covered. This will help with the stickiness of the product and will thereby also make getting the gummy out of the mold since it won't stick to the sides. <br>Or, you could coat it in corn starch. I don't personally like the color the corn starch gives it, but it's a better anti-stick agent since it's dry. The oil makes it a bit slippery, but you keep the color of the gummy better.
We made 2 12 pound giant gummi bears.
Pictures! Or it didn't happen :)
put it in a bucket of water for a couple of weeks to make it grow to about twice the size.
Brilliant! Way to blow away the laughably underachieving named 'world's largest gummy bear'!
actually the largest is 26lbs. and has a hollow stomach<br>
Also, is that a custom mold?
We actually used a container that held animal crackers. It just looked like a giant gummi bear.
How did you get it out?
I think we cracked it open w/ scissors and any other sharp objects that were lying around.
How long would this last? I want to make one for a Halloween party, but would need to make it a week or two ahead of time.
If you put this in a freezer bag and store it in the refrigerator, you should be fine.
Yay! Giant gummy brain!
can you do this for small molds like skulls?
Any mold should do, as long as you can remove it.
made a large pill sort of thing with this, thanks for the great ible
OMG I'm sooooo doing this!
You could also use the recipe from SFHandyman's <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LeGummies-brick-shaped-gummy-candies/">Ible</a> to make a custom giant gummi! (Handy for the diabetics/low-carbers among us.)
That's just jell-o there. really thick finger jello, nothing more. Gummies have mostly corn starch, and not as much gelatin as jell-o
Heck, at my local grocer they have huge bins where you just shovel out the gummies. You can buy them at $2.79/lb or about $8.50 for a 5-lb bag. (not a calculation, they sell 5 lb bags prepacked) The gummies with the foam cost more, but you wouldn't use them for this anyways.
the artic tundra xD
wd-40 made me lol
This is such a great idea. I have MANY cake and cookie molds and plan on giving it a shot for halloween - hand out gummy pops that are much less expensive than store bought. Thank you for a great way to spend otherwise wasted time :)
Nice! A couple of kids I knew did this in highschool. To keep it in a bear shape, they used a giant bear container that some store like costco sold masses of gummi bears or animal crackers in.
If you float the bowl of gummis in another pot of water, and boiled the water, would that be hot enough (100c) to melt the gummis? It's a method used to melt other things like chocolate or wax without burning them. As long as there's still water in the main pot the temp will not exceed 100c.
I think I remember trying double boiling and it was just way too slow. Though that was many years ago, my memory may not be so good. Worth another attempt perhaps
Did you line the pan with something like vegetable spray? I remember that helping.
I'll sooo do this for my next bday
it keeps sticking to the mold :( im sad
I thought the largest bivalve was the Tridacna gigas.
This, is AWESOME.
If you're lazy you can get giant Gummi Bears <a href="http://www.firebox.com/product/2560/Giant-Gummi-Bears?via=ser">here</a><br> Still, great i'ble - I might have to try this!
Well unfortunately, this is only the 5 lb gummi bear that you'll find everywhere else. But who is lazy on instructables?
I love that you did this at your computer desk, vs. a table/in the kitchen. LOL
USB gummy bear melter...
Let me say that your &quot;Gooey Duck&quot; looks far more appetizing (in small bites) than the /other/ Gooey Duck (geoduck): http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/largest-clam-known-to-man.html

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