Introduction: Giant Hershey Kiss

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This Project will instruct you on how to make a Giant Hershey Kiss!

What you will need:

Two Five-pound tubs of Crayola Clay.
Atleast two-feet of Tin-Foil
Brown ("Burnt Umber") Acrylic Paint
Blue ("Phthalocyanine Blue") Acrylic paint (Acrylic basics)
Very Fine Paint-Brush
White - Ribbon

Step 1: Sculpting the Hershey Kiss

First, get two five-pound tubs of Air-Dry Crayola Clay and mix together to create a giant ball.
Sculpt the giant ball into a hershey kiss. (Fatter at the bottom and skinny at the top) 
- like a rounded pyramid -

Step 2: Painting the Clay

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Use the brown paint and cover the clay in two to three coats. 

Helpful Hint: Use a fan to help the paint dry faster.

Step 3: Making the Label

Picture of Making the Label

Use the White Ribbon, blue paint and very fine paint brush.
Paint the Ribbon with "Heresy's Kiss" repeating over and over. 
After you have a long strip cut the label to the size you want.

Helpful Hint: To make the label look realistic cut the label in the middle of one of the words

Step 4: Wrapping

Picture of Wrapping

Wrap the painted and shaped clay with foil. Open the top a little bit to show that it it chocolate. When the wrapping is done, stick some of the ribbon into the top for the label.

Helpful Hint: Do not just use one layer of foil, use one or two.

Step 5:


lemonie (author)2012-02-15

I guess that clay is cheaper than chocolate?
I was hoping you'd used chocolate as the shaping of it would have been more of a challenge.


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