Introduction: Giant Ikea Numerar Desk

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A relatively affordable large workspace in the industrial modern genre.

You will need the following ( all from ikea, prices in $cdn):

8 foot Numerar kitchen countertop (mine was $130 in as-is)
Vika Alex Drawer System ($80)
Vika Alex storage cabinet ($60)
Vika Moliden ($30)

total= $300 plus taxes.

Nothing to complicated here, just modification of the Moliden legs and some basic routering of the countertop.

Step 1: Build Your Cabinets As Per the Ikea Instructions

Picture of Build Your Cabinets As Per the Ikea Instructions

nothing to say here. Except the Alex drawers shipped missing 80% of the hardware.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom Crossbeam of the Stainless Legs.

Picture of Cut the Bottom Crossbeam of the Stainless Legs.

Figure out how far in you want the legs to be mounted and cut the beam. If you feel nervous about cutting you could probably bring the piece to your local garage. I used a jigsaw with a metal bit and cut off roughly 2.5 inches. You will have to redrill the screw hole after you cut.

Step 3: Measure How Deep to Route the Legs

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You will need to do a dry run to see how deep to route the leg mounts into the bottom of the numerar. In my case it was 5/16" deep.

Step 4: Should Look Something Like This

Picture of Should Look Something Like This

I traced the leg mounts with a marker as a guide of where to route. I freehanded it. It worked out fine.

Step 5: Screw the Legs In

Picture of Screw the Legs In

nuff said.

Step 6: Set Up and Instruct

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peace out.


martamarta (author)2010-09-15

Great Job! I just purchased two alex drawers and the shorter NUMERAR countertop (73") and i love it! looks like something from an expensive design store! Two questions: I was suprised to read in the ikea instructions that the countertop requires screwed in instilation to prevent warping plus regular oil treatment for the first two months. Did you oil treat your desk as instructed? has yours warped from not being screwed to the alex xomponents? or is it fine as is for normal desk use i.e. not much exposure to water... Although i was wondering about the heat of a hot laptop.. Anywhoo, thanks for any follow-up!

sbrignell (author)martamarta2016-01-11

No warpage and its been 8 years. In a kitchen, where the humidity would be higher, that might be an issue. I never oil treated it because i like the untreated colour, however on my kitchen counters i followed that rule due to all the moisture.

anapsix (author)martamarta2015-04-27

In my own Instructable, I've used Howard Butcher Block Conditioner on the same countertop and it looks and feels great. Highly recommended.

Exiumind (author)2010-08-22

i like it =D

ssnass (author)2009-11-24

Very nice mate,

Great length and width, just the desk i'm looking for.

Good ible too :)

mayney93 (author)2009-10-04

i liked the tut till i seen u had a imac " sneers" honestly though nice job u cud have made it better by just fitting it to the wall and using the filing cubs as stands but then i dont like legs

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