Step 4: Combine cake and smashing orangey bit

Check that the jelly is set. If so, proceed with this step. If not, chill until completely set.

Loosen the jelly from the bowl using a knife, flexible spatula, or any implement that won't damage the jelly too much. Then invert the bowl over the centre of the cake. The jelly will probably be somewhat reluctant, but with a few taps on the bottom of the bowl it should come out. Et voila! A smashing orangey bit!
<p>Just in the process of making this jaffa cake cake so far so good, easy to follow instructions. I was wondering if i warmed jelly bowl with hot water would it come out,easier or would it damage it ? Your advice would be appreciated.</p><p>Gail </p>
I am currently making this for my sons 23rd birthday who loves Jaffa cakes and birthday cake so what a great combo! Thank you.
Hope he enjoys it and has a great birthday!
Great instructable! this allowed me to make my girlfriend a heart shaped one ready for valentines, I'd post a picture if I could. thank you.
What a great idea to make it in a heart shape! Hope she enjoys it :)
I thought it was lovely! Made this for my son's 15th birthday. One word GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)
Canadian here with limited access to jaffas or half-decent orange jello (which tastes very synthetic). Was wondering how accurate the jelly/cake overall was to a real Jaffa or if this was an aesthetic experience. Any thoughts on how to improve the jelly (ex: use watered down oj instead of water alone)? Keep up the good work!
This recipe isn't trying much to match the taste of the genuine article, it's more about aesthetics and the chocolate-orange-cake combination. <br> <br>I believe the real ones have a fatless sponge cake base, so that would get a more genuine taste. <br> <br>As for the jelly flavour, I've just seen a recipe that recommends adding a tablespoon of marmalade per packet of orange jelly when making it up. That might be closer to the smashing orangey bit than substituting orange juice for water because the latter might be a bit bitter. <br> <br>Let me know how it goes if you try experimenting with this :)
Can you put it in the fridge to help the chocolate to set or would it end up too hard?
Yup, you can put it in the fridge. In fact, it's pretty necessary in the heat of high summer to keep it in the fridge to stop it melting. An evenly spread chocolate layer won't be too thick so it should still be easy to cut through.<br>Hope that helps :)
Now make one in Tekkit...
I love the idea of a Giant Jaffa Cake.<br><br>I'm going to try making mine with the Lime flavoured jelly cubes I have in the pantry.<br>I think they will work quite well as its a nice tangy flavoured jelly.<br><br>Only problem is that I like to dip jaffa cakes in my coffee<br><br>I'll definitely need to invest in a bigger cup!<br>:o)
Торты это очень вкусно, главное, чтобы фигуру не испортить.
Спасибо! Я никогда не думала, что кто-нибудь в другой стране читает мой рецепт. Жаль, что не могу читать Ваш комментарий на страницу рецепта.
finally a jaffa cake recipe aww yeah<br>
and just wen u thought jaffacakes couldn't be more awesome :)<br>
I Love Jaffa Cakes..... Thank you for a Great Instructable,very well written and really clear directions. Hope this is the first of many.... phil.
That looks really good!
giant and amazing!

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