I thought giant jenga would be a fun game to make. I turned this giant jenga into drinking jenga. This project is fairly easy to make. You only need a few tools to complete this project. People make these in many different giant sizes.

How I learned about wood working and got the idea

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tape measure
table saw
finishing sander

Have the right tool makes all the difference

2 x 4's
2ft by 2ft flat board
carring bag

<p>I have increased the number of blocks to 60, I know. Looking for ideas for the container to transport, rack and stack them. Using 2x3s, total weight: 30lbs. Height: 30In. </p><p>Let me know your ideas. </p>
<p>My aunt found a used suitcase with wheels - works great!</p>
<p>Great Game. I found that sanding them very smooth helps with making them slide out of the middle better. A great <a href="http://backyardtailgator.com/collections/games" rel="nofollow">tailgating or backyard</a> game!</p>
<p>I have all of the wood cut and 35 pieces sanded. I set up the 35 I have done and it seems the middle pieces are REALLY hard to remove to play. Any suggestions?</p>
<p>We love this giant jenga game at our BBQ's and house parities... It's just such a great game. I tried making one, but i'm not a tool pro so my wife kept on asking me to just order one so I did. I think it was from a company called tumbling towers. Free shipping so its all good. I'm going to try and make more blocks though since I want it even taller. This is an awesome game!</p>
You can use brick blocks for a extreme jenga

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