Introduction: Giant Knex Cap

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Today I will show you how to make a giant knex cap.If you are wondering it is about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Step 1: Parts Count

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Gray - 4

Orange - 5

Green - 26

Purple 3D - 22

Yellow - 4

Blue 3D - 14

White - 8


Green - 2

White - 2

Blue - 14

Yellow - 5

Red - 44

Grey - 16

Step 2: Bottom

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Pics 1 and 2: Build the bottom.

Pic 3: Connect what you made.

Pic 4: Make the bill.

Pic 5:Connect the bill to the other part.

Step 3: Middle

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Pic 1: Snap red rods on the sides.

Pic 2: Make the middle part.

Pic 3: Connect them.

Step 4: Top

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Pic 1: Snap blue rods and green connectors on the middle part.

Pic 2: Add the red rods and green connectors.

Pic 3: Snap red rods on the green connectors.

Pic 4: Make this top part.

Pic 5: Snap the part on the top.

Pic 6: Connect it like this on both sides.

Step 5: Your Finished!!!

Picture of Your Finished!!!

Now you can wear (or sit under) your knex hat.

Three Reasons Why This Hat Is Better Than A Regular Hat

1 Lots of ventilation

2 Lots of room to grow

3 Dosen't get soggy when it is wet


The Knex Inventor (author)2017-01-30

Ha ha! Very creative! Favorted and subscribed. :)


No problem! :)

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