Giant LED Halloween Costume





Introduction: Giant LED Halloween Costume

-thick armature wire (20ft)
-cellophane (10ft)
-cardboard box
-aluminum foil (4ft)
-wire cutters
-clear packing tape
-grey tights for leads (optional)
-flashlight/actual LEDs to light inside (optional)

Cut the box down so that there's only 5 inches left. Cut a hole for your waist by taking a belt and tracing the circular outline, then cutting. Create skeleton with armature wire, by going corner to corner and taping. Cover in cellophane, taping from the inside where possible. Cover the box in aluminum foil Put on your tights and go light up the world.



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Kind of fails, not if you put some lights in there. :D

So...... A plastic bag over our head. Can we say, Kids don't try this at home.

My friends already call me a geek... BUT THIS IS SWEET!

HAHA, that's funny. Very creative. my 2 cents... make the bottom round, so it's more like an every-day type of LED. Also, pull one of your pant legs down so that it looks like one leg is longer than the other (anode/cathode).

I have never seen a LED with a metal base....

*coughs* *cough* this looks like a condom *cough*

This works especially well if you have one leg longer than the other.

Haha, doesn't one leg have to be shorter than the other? J.k Cool costume.