Giant Lego Man





Introduction: Giant Lego Man

This was done by request from my husband. He has been a long time in the making, but after working hard on it for a week straight, he's finally complete.
He stands 35 inches tall. He's crocheted completely with Hometown USA Lion Brand yarn and a size K hook. I wrote down the pattern as I made him, and will eventually go on to actually making it legible enough to share with other people! haha.
His body and legs are reinforced with fun foam. His feet are mostly cardboard, as is the top of his pants. There's a dowel in his head, and about 4 in his legs. His neck is reinforced with plastic canvas. He also has a good amount of poly pellets in his legs to weigh him down. 



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    Great Job! Are the instruction availiable? If so, where can I find it? My nephew is a big Lego fan and this would be a great Birthday gift . And to add he's Birthday Party theme will be Lego.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys!

    As for the pattern, I don't have anything done yet. I have emailed Lego to see exactly what I can do with the pattern. I haven't heard anything back from them, and I haven't done anything further with the pattern due to copyright laws. I'll definitely let everyone know when I get things sorted out. :)

    Did you ever get the pattern sorted out to publish?

     I truly don't understand how your creation did not win!  Amazing job on your Lego Man.

     Thank you so much! That comment actually made my day. I must admit, I was a bit upset that I didn't win.
    Thanks again. :)


    That is simply AMAZING - good for you!!!  ETSY for sure!  I'd buy one in a second.

    Very, very cool......I would buy or trade for this pattern!!

     Thanks so much for all the nice comments!!
    I really will try and write up the pattern so it makes sense one day. :)