I made a Giant Lite Brite for Instructables that has over 1,100 self healing holes and hundreds of multi-colored pegs that go inside and light up. It's an improved upon version of the original toy, at super-human size! Create any picture you can imagine in amazing 30 x 37 peg resolution!

Step 1: Gather materials

The Giant Lite Brite is made from:

  • two 40" x 40"panels of clear acrylic 1/8" sheet
  • one 40" x 40" panel of black acrylic 1/8" sheet
  • one 37" x 7" panel of orange acrylic 1/8" sheet
  • many feet (over 100') of colored acrylic rod (fluorescent colors work best)
  • three fluorescent light fixtures and bulbs
  • two 110 volt ac cooling fans (McMaster-Carr 1976K14)
  • several square feet of 1/16" santoprene rubber (McMaster-Carr 86215K22)
  • a good quality rubber cement designed for one-sided application. If you can get your hands on some Devcon Industrial Rubber Adhesive 14900, go fir it, it seems to work a bit better then other types.
  • assorted nuts, bolts, and wood screws
  • one 4' x 8' sheet of 3/4" sanded plywood
  • scrap 1" x 1" for supports

The santoprene rubber was purchased from McMaster-Carr.
All of the acrylic was purchased from Tap Plastics.
The rest of the pieces can be purchased at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

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