Picture of Giant Litter Box
Sometimes your pet just needs a giant litterbox. This box will work for cats, dogs, small pigs, tapirs, and really any pet that's smaller than 30 pounds or so.

This monster box is 30"x20" of usable pooping space with a flat base that won't collect pools of urine beyond the reach of your scoop. The project shouldn't take more than an hour (unless you choose to spraypaint), and only requires a saw or cutting wheel to get through the polypropylene. If you have a cat capable of leaping, you can just buy the bin and be done with it. Otherwise, I'll show you how to cut the plastic and cover it so your pet's tummy doesn't get caught on the raw plastic edge. 

A litterbox should be unobtrusive, easy to maintain, and easy to use. This one is all of the above, and I added a spray-painted stripe across the front to indicate to the puppy where the box began. (You can skip that if your pet is a chewer and you're afraid it'll suffer from munching on spray paint.) The clear edge was confusing to my dog, so I added some contrast. Dogs can't really discern red, but differentiating between concrete and the box was apparently tough when the box was the same color as the ground. The red stripe is just a boundary indicator, and it's totally optional. So optional, in fact, that I didn't document it.
angelabchua2 years ago
Peanut and jäger would eat the litter. Awesome that you got her to use that!
stephenjroy2 years ago
great post . out of interest what breed of dog is that ? thanks
wilgubeast (author)  stephenjroy2 years ago
elizruge2 years ago
Awesome Frenchie...seems like a good helper, too. This is a good idea for apartment living. How hard is it to train a dog to use it? I have a shiz tzu and would like a frenchie too but I may have to move to an apartment..
wilgubeast (author)  elizruge2 years ago
Not hard to train at all. At least, 80% of the training is easy. Getting her to use the box was pretty simple, but getting her to the point of never missing is still a work in progress. She is under the impression that just touching the sand with her feet means that she's using the box properly, but that occasionally leaves messes just outside the box. (She never misses on a #2, which is awfully nice of her. And the #1s are easy to clean up by sprinkling some litter over them and sweeping up.)

I trained this one to use the box as a puppy, transitioning her from the wood chips of the breeder's barn to wood chips sprinkled over litter in a regular-sized litter box. If your pet is already used to grass, you could probably snag a sod square and put it into the box to make a similar transition.
M.C. Langer2 years ago
So, that is what happened with my cutting disc! Great job, Wade!
apostro2 years ago
Small pigs....lol