Giant Lollipop Sign





Introduction: Giant Lollipop Sign

Check out my first attempt at making a 3D sign and my first Instructables!
It's a 2ft diameter x 4ft high x 4in thick Lollipop!!!!
It's made out of HDU (High Density Urethane) Design Board.
I designed it with EnRoute software...then carved the two halves on my home made CNC Router...then the two halves were glued together with an aluminium framework sandwiched in-between for support and to act as "the stick"...then I cleaned it up by hand and did some final carving by hand...then primed it...brush painted it....airbrush painted in some shadows...then applied 3 coats of sparkling clear coat.
Hope you like it!



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    Perfect. It pops out at you and is very tactile. I hope you can make a business out of these, you deserve it.

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    Thanks craftyv....once i have a few of these under my belt I hope I can develop it into a business. Fingers Crossed! :)

    By it's style. POP ART. It would definitly suit child related businesses, and fun centres like play rooms and even childminding centres. Yes, Lolly shops even for display in shop windows, etc. Perhaps you know someone who you could offer to make one for free (don't forget to include a plaque with contact details) I hope ive not been too presumtious but I really like it.

    The style Ie. sort of pop-art would be ideal for any child related business's, due to it's instant appeal to the eye. Well done, hope you do well.

    Beautiful colours! I love the way the letters jump out from the candy. It's fabulous!

    what sign shop do you happen to work at i co own one in connecticut i had to make a giant wrapped candy one time

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    Hi...I work for Peninsula Signs in Sidney, BC but they are no longer doing 3D work so I'm now doing it on my own as RKG 3D Creations
    What's your shop? Do you have pics online of the wrapped candy sign you made?

    I did that sign when I was 7 years old with my father being 15 now and co owner of his shop is a big thing. I don't have pics of it and were working on our website but you can still take a look

    Thanks jedigrizz...apparently there are some peopel that have stopped and had their photos with it and they're pretending to lick or bite it! :)