Picture of Giant Magic 8 Ball
Giant Fn Magic 8 Ball. OK, not magic but Fn big, bigger than the regular one.  Ever find the need to consult an oracle to get an answer to a question? Ever need an opinion on something or binding arbitration from a disinterested party?  Wait no more on a reply from service @, ask the Giant Magic 8 Ball.

Build your own with common items found around the house. No rocket science involved.

Note:  This is based on the real Magic 8 Ball product.  Not to be used for games of chance or fair trade where restricted by law.
Extreme crafting involved, papercuts are a hazard, peeling glue from fingers can hurt, and no running with scissors.
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Step 1: Crafty supplies

Picture of Crafty supplies
For the giant billiard ball body:

A couple of corrugated cardboard boxes to salvage cardboard material
referred to as "card" by our metric using friends

An inflatable beach ball (20in round), use one of those inflatable yoga exercise balls for a really giant Magic 8 Ball.

plastic wrap to protect the ball when used as a form

lots of glue( I use carpenters glue for its better tack and regular white glue for the papier mache solution)

masking tape to help clamp the cardboard

60lb thin paper cardstock (you can use any scrap paper for the papier mache - I use this stuff to reduce the need for so many layers and sets up faster)

For the Magic answer module:

An empty clear glass jar with lid (make sure it seals watertight when turned upside down)

A chunk of insoluble foam to carve out for the die (I used some packaging foam I had lying around.  You can of course use something else that will survive submerged in water and floats)

water (real one is colored alcohol as the liquid)

a few drops of blue food coloring

permanent marker

black and white paint

electrical or duct tape to seal and secure the jar
so awsome your so creative!☆★☆★
powerman6662 years ago
Soo cool. I love GIANT things.
Hunrichse2 years ago
i love it too
yapoyo2 years ago
(removed by Dora and Boots)
caitlinsdad (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
Mike732 years ago
When we first got the US and I saw one of those at Walgreens, I had to have one. My little one was jealous as long as she didn't have one. Last year we came back for visiting friends and I stumbled over the magic 8 balls at Target. So I got her one :-)
The design of your huge ball is awesome. It never came to my mind that I probably could make one myself :-)
I need to bookmark this for later....
caitlinsdad (author)  Mike732 years ago
I think the best thing, besides being giant-sized, is that you can customize the message on the thingy inside. Make a menu chooser for the little ones - dang, "eat your veggies" again....TV or no TV, read a book.....
Warlrosity2 years ago
So cool!
Love magic 8 ball!!!!!!!!
canucksgirl2 years ago
I LOVE IT. That's awesome. I gotta make myself one. :)