Step 4: Press & Display

If you used double sided tape, or spray glue run your hands over the map side of the letter to press it down and ensure it is stuck down.

If there are any bits that you mess up, you can easily use a bit of your spare map to patch them up!

Thats it, your letter is done, find somewhere suitable in your home to show it off.

I decided to put it behind my camera collection on the top of my makers desk.

If you wanted you could either put it in a window, or hand it as a piece of art on the wall.

I hope you enjoyed this nice simple instructable.
Please do post a picture if you make one yourself!
<p>Angry wife be damned! We must create!!</p><p>I was just thinking how amazing a carpet &quot;&amp;&quot; would look on the wall....</p>
I love this! I will be making this!
Pictures when you do!
I have a ton of cardboard and a ton of maps from National Geographics... this might just fit the bill. :D
Excellent! You of all people need to post a picture if you make one. <br> <br>What letter will you go for?

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