Picture of Giant Marshmello of Doom!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im going to show you how to make a marshmello do THIS!!!!!!
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Step 1: Step Uno!

Picture of Step Uno!
What you need:

-Microwave-safe plate (paper is fine)
-Microwave (duhhhh)

(By the way this is an Ina-approved recipe)

Step 2: Put the marshmello on the plate

Picture of put the marshmello on the plate
Well thats pretty much it.......

Step 3: Place in microwave...

that thing your grandparents refuse to buy because its a newfangled contraption....

Step 4: Turn it on ....

i put it on 1 minute......................

Step 5: Watch it do this!!

Picture of watch it do this!!

Step 6: Then it turnes into....

Picture of then it turnes into....
Then it turnes into this 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degree mess that tasts terrible....
what does it taste like? and it wont mess up my microwave so i dont have to get a new one will it?
it tastes awful and boiling lava hot. It will not make any mess as long at it is not more than 3 or so at once, and it is on a plate
halberdear5 years ago
you could use this for an April fools day prank and put something yellow in the center that looks like an egg yolk, then tell someone its an egg.