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Introduction: Giant Mask: Frankenberry!

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I didn't take a lot pictures during the early construction on this papier-mache mask, but it is way too cool not to show it off here.

A fellow I know is planning to open a monster-themed cafe and he intends to serve Frankenberry cereal at breakfast-time, so he asked me if I would be able to make him a giant Frankenberry head for his restaurant. We never hashed out any details or anything, but I thought it sounded like fun so I went ahead and made it. Actually, I made it this January and I haven't seen him since, so this guy doesn't even know I did it yet!

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    I was extremely inspired by this mask and had to try it on my own. My attempt is here.

    Thanks for posting this and all your other mask instructables. This was a fun one!


    Pokisepout! We are creating a MONSTERS CEREAL fan site, with some per-production artwork of (potentially) new MONSTERS CEREAL animation. Can I include some of your amazing artwork? Check ours out at Thanks man...

    this mask is super awesome, I think it would be cool if you posted a tutorial showing us how to make it

    by the way all the masks youve been puttin up lately have sort of inspired me to make my own im well on my way to making a bowser mask (not giant)

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    Hurray, I have inspired! I can't wait to see it. Myself, I want to make a Godzilla mask (giant, of course). But right now I am deep in the midst of my current Halloween head...

    cool my friends have decided we're going to go as a giant mario gang now

    Nice. I work at a comic shop, and a big group of my customers last year went as various characters from Masters of the Universe!

    so im just about done with my bowser mask havent had much time to work on it lately for the eye holes which are mostly supposed to be white with a small black pupil what do you suppose would work so that it would appear white from on lookers but still be see through from the inside of the mask

    I guess it depends, are you doing flat eyes or bulging? The easiest solution, which can yield varying results, is to employ a fine white mesh or layers of cheesecloth, which will allow you to see out easily enough but won't be as obvious to onlookers. There are also a number of sheer fabrics that you could use. If you're going for a bulging-eye look, you might try something like applying a layer of clear adhesive or varnish to the inside of a clear plastic prize-egg (like the kind that come out of vending machines) and then lining it with a piece of sheer fabric. From the outside, the fabric will look opaque, and the illusion will be heightened by the reflectiveness of the plastic. You might also experiment with using transluscent but not transparent plastics, like the kind they use for milkjugs. Good luck!

    i found some small-hole chicken wire fencing and painted its not quite up to the quality of your masks but i like how it turned out


    Dude, that is some nice work, especially if it's your first time! You weren't just making something up, you based it on a known character and anybody who knows Bowser is going to know that that's Bowser, so I say good job! And now you've got experience, so it'll make the next one even easier!

    thats pretty sweet. i want to make a paper mache dinosaur and make it look like its blasting through my ceiling or wall in my room.

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    Cool! What kind of dinosaur will be doing this blasting?

    a t-rex or a pterodactyl .

    I cannot begin to describe how impressed I am with this project. Fantastic!

    Mmmm... looks delicious! Frankenberry was always my favorite.

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    You people keep your tongues off my mask!