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The wooden matchstick has a long and colorful history. According to Wikipedia the match was first discovered by Marco Polo over 5000 years ago in the vast rain forests of Nevada. When young Marco brought this amazing discovery back home to France, his father, Water, and his uncle, Segway, (both priests) declared the discovery of convenient fire to be heresy, and burned Marco, along with all the matches he had brought back, in a large bonfire (light by rubbing two sticks together, to prevent hypocrisy) . When the people of France discovered that their national hero had been killed, they rose up against the clergy and started the French Revolution.

History of the match began to fade.

History became legend, legend became myth, and for two and half thousand years the match passed out of all knowledge until, when chance came, it ensnared a new lighter ... Santa.

*blah blah blah

random nonsense

blah blah blah*

and, to make a long story slightly longer, that is the tale of how I single-handedly saved a large group of little people from Santa's sadistic elvish genetic modification experiments.

But seriously, why spend time making a coherent intro when I know you're all here for one thing

I was, of course, talking about pictures of me.

Step 1: Match sizing

Picture of Match sizing
To determine the measurements of a match I picked the most stereotypical looking match out of a box of strike anywheres.

The dimensions of a regular strike anywhere match are 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm x 57.2 mm.

The actual match head itself is 4 mm long and 3.7 mm wide. This means that the actual match head is .6mm thick on one side of the tip (3.7 - 2.5 / 2 = .6).

The ratio of the length of the match head to the length of the entire matchstick is 14.3

Scale this up to a 96 inch long 4x4 and we have a match head that is 6.71" long and .84" at its thickest point on one of the sides.
deluges6 months ago

Best thing I've seen in a long time :) Thanks for posting it!

tim_n2 years ago
Any chance of reuploading the videos to youtube?
Giant match.... equals giant fire???
james43 years ago
Ride 'em cowboy!
ilpug3 years ago
I just noticed that in the first unedited video the video quality make the distant city look like it it burning.
How much would this whole thing cost???
gunspyop24 years ago
you bring the match i bring the big chandel
I'm going to use this giant mach to light a huge bundle of fireworks. You know. For SCIENCE.
Micizzle4 years ago
How was that not illegal?
bwells24 years ago
woody5585 years ago
Marco Polo died from illness, and lived about 650 years ago.
Udon woody5585 years ago
If wikipedia said it, then it must be true.
woody558 Udon5 years ago
hehe, funny
yeah yeah. its written in wikipedia! its true! its true!
All hail wikipedia!
Sylkhr woody5585 years ago
Everyone knows that everything you read on the internet is true. And, wikipidia is on the internet, so, it's true!!!
ilpug Sylkhr4 years ago
so true.
woody558 ilpug4 years ago
I quote Wikipaedia (gasp!), "In 1323, Polo was confined to bed, due to illness. On January 8, 1324, despite physicians' efforts to treat him, Polo was on his deathbed."

Hmm, any relation to matches???
woody558 Udon5 years ago
According to wikipedia, Marco Polo died from illness, and lived 686 years ago.
venom15394 years ago
U should make an instructable on how to make a giant fire
ilpug venom15394 years ago
heres how to make a giant fire: get a lot of flammable stuff, and combine it with a lot of flammable stuff. put it all somewhere. burn it. ta-da, giant fire.
vandal11386 years ago
"Dissolve the balls". Worst quote ever....
Was supposed to be a smiley
darn space loss
tynow4 years ago
now, you will tell us what we want or we will disolve the balls!!! mwahahahahaha!! okay coffee break now. (walks away while balls disolve)
tynow4 years ago
that was wood? i thought it was rubber :)
is that the double rainbow guy in the 2nd video?!?!
bugolf5 years ago
Where did you light it?
it looked like he had a piece of sandpaper secured onto a piece of ply wood.
No,Like i mean the place
dscel8 years ago
apparantly, make sure you have enough alcohol to complete the project...
of course. what fun is fire without alcohol?
D00M994 years ago
Was it a school project?

And the flame does look quite like the outline of a baby...
D00M994 years ago
Looks like anemone. Very flammable anemone.
spray paint is flame able. explosivley falmable!OO
This slightly reminds me of that scene in "9" when 5 grabs a match to light a barrel of oil to destroy The Machine. though this match is slightly larger.
MrKazekage4 years ago
you sir are funny
L_L_L_L234 years ago
Lol reminds me of MythBusters. It would be a good idea to not do the match head cutting around New Years with all the sparklers and all
tarzioo4 years ago
wow..this is seriously awesome! =D
Chuck Norris uses this to light his BBQ grill
sploge5 years ago
you have a giant match but only a normal sized fire crew on hand hahaha lol nice instructable
YoungPyro195 years ago
I wish I was creative.
An Villain5 years ago
Here is the match.
ookikies5 years ago
The one pic looks like a meteor is about to hit you. And that thing is sweet
cloggy015 years ago
Don't you remember people always telling you not to play with matches? Well I don't think thats the problem, it should be don't play with giant matches! But you do anyways. XD
Awesome Instuctable :-)
robotman35 years ago
looks like a big flare!
pyroninja215 years ago
and also acording to wikipedia this is how marco polo realy died

In 1323, Polo was confined to bed, due to illness. On January 8, 1324, despite physicians' efforts to treat him, Polo was on his deathbed. To write and certify the will, his family requested Giovanni Giustiniani, a priest of San Procolo. His wife, Donata, and his three daughters were appointed by him as co-executrices. The church was entitled by law to a portion of his estate; he approved of this and ordered that a further sum be paid to the convent of San Lorenzo, the place where he wished to be buried.[8] He also set free a "Tartar slave" who may have accompanied him from Asia.[9]

He divided up the rest of his assets, including several properties, between individuals, religious institutions, and every guild and fraternity to which he belonged. He also wrote-off multiple debts including 300 lire that his sister-in-law owed him, and others for the convent of San Giovanni, San Paolo of the Order of Preachers, and a cleric named Friar Benvenuto. He ordered 220 soldi be paid to Giovanni Giustiniani for his work as a notary and his prayers.[8] The will, which was not signed by Polo, but was validated by then relevant "signum manus" rule, by which the testator only had to touch the document to make it abide to the rule of law,[10] was dated January 9, 1324. Due to the Venetian law stating that the day ends at sunset, the exact date of Marco Polo's death cannot be determined, but it was between the sunsets of January 8 and 9, 1324.[8]

pyroninja215 years ago
dude i can not believe u u toatly ripped off a lord of the rings line shame shame shame...........
rocketbat8 years ago
lol, repeat step one fifteen thousant times! im glad you didnt do individual steps!
i say 14,999 times
darman12 hintss5 years ago
LOL...I was just thinking the same thing!
no, someone carelessly threw a lit cigar into the batch, burning the whole thing down. i say 29,999 to go!
jammindewy5 years ago
Check this out! Shortage comming? 
teslafan1005 years ago
its the coolest thing since fire lol
shabaki5 years ago
BRIALLIANT! Now i'll just order a box of thses then ,wait what only sold in bulk...*sigh..fine I'll take 500 then.
Yeah, that would hurt an awful lot!
erosser5 years ago
 Spectacular!  What an awesome idea.  Plus you have one rockin' tie...

One thing: as someone who plays with fire too much, a good idea is to have a (sober) friend on hand with a fire blanket (fancy term for a wet beach towel) in case things go wrong.  I have friends who do fire poi, where setting oneself on fire is far too common of an occurrence to bother with the messiness of fire extinguishers.  I do see that you have an extinguisher on hand--bravo.  The mothers of the world are proud.

While the love and labor you put into your authentic head-o-match-heads make the match into the artwork that it is, I am lazy, and I'd be interested to see if you could (very carefully) mix up the sulfur and other chemicals to coat the head on yourself...

Fantastic job, and one of the most entertaining and historically enlightening I'bles I've read!  Hats off to you, SIr!
Tapeplayer5 years ago
Very cool
Metal4God8 years ago
fire extinguisher 'safety first' and theres a ten foot match yeah right!
I think that's "safety third," there. :)
more like who needs safty
Tetranitrate (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
Yes the "safety first" bit was tongue in cheek.
a joke
bobt4 damasta5 years ago
 whuts a joke
 you mom-ooh burn!
nah,the guy was just saying that the fire extinguisher was put there as a joke.
zoone6 years ago
where did u get the acetone
Your average hardware store should carry it, usually sold as paint thinner, it comes in large metal cans.
lasr1 zoone6 years ago
it's nail polish remover.
zoone lasr16 years ago
thx i got every thing but the acetone
pic 5 no not into the pit ahhhh it burns!!!!!!!!! (any big ytp wacher should get this)
pick 3 notice the bottles filed with what could be alcohol nuthin flammable here

what is nitrocellulose that pingpong ball stuff

or at least what you expect her to also it cant be good for you
Great Idea!
If you look at it one way, the second picture (the flaming jet) almost looks like a meteor hurling down towards you.
bowmaster5 years ago
I like the part a few seconds after he strikes it when it make a huge jet.
noah1r5 years ago
where can i buy strike anywhere matches
Elvis_Yeah8 years ago
Comment on 9th picture...
 what is that?
tell me bout it
Colonel885 years ago
= best weapon against vampires. Stab with stick, burn with stick.
djr67895 years ago
now lets get started on that giant zippo ;)
coreyjune126 years ago
An Villain6 years ago
place in a giant match gun, or make a very impractical safety flare.
_Scratch_6 years ago
Man, this thing is ridiculous
Wareagle6 years ago
someone should make two of these and make a giant match rocket!
sukinmaru6 years ago
Nice, should have lit a giant candle!
vandal11386 years ago
I say make 20 of em, stick em in a giant matchbook, carry in to a bar and offer to lend a match to the friendly drunken smokers......
vandal11386 years ago
looks like something only penicillin would cure....
vandal11386 years ago
I hope it is something else.... The pinkish hue is scary.....
trevor36936 years ago
dude no offence but you have way to much time on your hands. awesome vid though.
Artanus6 years ago
Great job! I love the posing, and that you had fun with it. If you wouldn't mind settling my curiosity, what did you do with all the headless match bodies?
zoone6 years ago
lol i think you look awesome at 1:35 in the vid
syphek6 years ago
thats pretty cool, but that kid is absolutely insane
I was going to say, could you have lined them up and clamped them, then run them through with a circular saw, but there's a lot of heat and friction like spectrace said, meaning you'd probably light up your workbench. . Nice 'ible, btw
plus u might have a lot fly around
Rotten1946 years ago
Safety first... after beer, of course.
do you just have regular explosion watching parties at your house? that was awesome I have to admit. I really like how it exploded into flames and then stayed lit for so long.
cloot1006 years ago
I like how you lit it on fire!
dietpoop6 years ago
man, that picture is sexy
omg, that is freakin awesome! :D
luvit6 years ago
marco... ...pyro?
Davidl36 years ago
So pointless yet so cool.
finnrambo6 years ago
Awesome instructable same with your other ones.
mattyew6 years ago
awesome! But it must have smelled pretty toxic with all the acetone, plastic and paint!
zzoe6 years ago
Fire, glorious fire! Badass lunacy with panache, as well...
***** !
Now the giant paper matchbook, please.
This is probably the most insane 'ible I have ever seen. It is probably the most insane thing I've ever seen for that matter. Epic, serious epicness.
whats a ible
It's short for an "Instructable".
foxtrot46976 years ago
maybe your lying and your just really small while that match is normal. maybe ther's a new race of mini peoples
lol or the match is just one of them cooks matches (the 3 inch ones)
hey i bet your right this thing isn't that cool after all.
yep i guess, at 1:22 in the vid or something it says "The only thing different is my hat." in the music
sharlston6 years ago
i cut the end off the matches but accidentaly caught the red tip and it lit and my pliers had wd 40 on so they burnt
Zionmaster6 years ago
Hope ya don't mind. I'm going to be using your ible here to try and make the World's Largest Matchbook. Won't be done for a while, as it's going to cost quite a bit O.o
vince 096 years ago
so how long did it take you to do just the top of the match? lol
hahahahahahah i was chaffing when i first got it
Gothamite6 years ago
lol cool
so many people, so pumped to see a few seconds of a giant match.... WHY WASNT I INVITED?!
Where did you get your acetone?
Noodle god6 years ago
Made in china.
Made in Sunny California =D
AznPanda6 years ago
DUDE!!! you forgot to call The Guness people for that big book thingy XD I wonder if it would be the worlds Biggest Match!
If made at this time, it would be perfect for the "Stay Warm" contest.
Now all you need is a giant bottle of lighter fluid.
rofl and a giant fireplace =P
Nice TMBG background music.
can u make me a giant cigerate
mod886 years ago
very cool!
DrWeird1176 years ago
Flamethrower, OH YEAH!
bylerfamily6 years ago
Hey, what you ought to do is use sheet metal and make a GIANT MATCH ROCKET.
timmy1234s6 years ago
where do i get matches?? I checked ebay, amazon, lowes, homedeopt, ace, for matches! Where do i go? I don't know im my grocery store carries them.
Choko-Ale6 years ago
To me, it looks like fungus or something Oo
bomberman36 years ago
Should have used it to light burning man.
llama lord6 years ago
dude!!!you're in the new make magazine!!! nice!!!
Tetranitrate (author)  llama lord6 years ago
Yeah, they said that they would send me a copy of it. When did you get yours?
uhh..... i thnk the ninth.....
rboos6 years ago
They should have used one of these to light up the 2008 olimpics torch... awesome work, excellent instructable!
amtdude7 years ago
do you realy expect me to taste that s*** to se if it tastes like grandma? oh, and how do you know what grandma tastes like?
Tetranitrate (author)  amtdude7 years ago
Your grandmother tastes delightful.
haha, nice one.
awkrin7 years ago
yeah, the thing about the match history is totally wrong, and u did scale it right, but wood doesn't act the same at different sizes, so I think that piece of wood won't get hot enough to burn alone.
lol u took that seriously? actually i was thinking the same thing at first lol
bustedit awkrin7 years ago
i bet balsa wood would burn "to scale" wouldn't it?
WTHAI awkrin7 years ago
Nit pick, plz.
Which part of the match history is wrong?
all of it durrrrrrrr
yeah right...
I would advise caution when attempting to light cigars with this thing
or we could get a company to make a giant cigar!!!(ont smoke)
Indeed that is the correct, if not over extravagant solution to the problem
andrew137 years ago
one question: why?
one more question: why not?!?
xwx7 years ago
i hear purple toupee :D anyways this is awesome!
Flumpkins7 years ago
Awesome! 5/5 *added to favorites* When I clicked on this I was like "Why hasn't this been featured" but then I looked up XD
Noodle god7 years ago
China made the match =)
could you make a box of matches, complete with striking surface and giant matches? i would like to see that
and u can give him 18 yrs 2 do tat
Y dont you make your own match head stuff?
A good name7 years ago
Now all we need is a giant matchbook to keep it in.
I was serious.
puffyfluff7 years ago
It is odd that the location in which it was applied is out in the clear sight of public (I think). It just scares me a tad bit...
i did something like this i got a 2x2x36 in piece of wood and covered it in 64 ounces of napalm and colored it purple i lit my friends giant rocket thing that he made he got i giant fine for it i threw my giant napalm stick over the fence behind me when i heard the cops i was just an inosent bystander that just append to walk by during the incident. hehehe
hey im gonna go tell the police now
haha funny
andrew137 years ago
wow. thats all i can say.
red scourge7 years ago
They might be Giants. Nice
I'm loving your giant match invention. Now I've been a pyro for a while now but how can you waste so many matches to do something this random. Anyways, this is one of the most bizarre fire inventions I have ever seen. Now don't think I'm a arsonist but I love fire so much that if I learn something new I desperately need to show people with out practising. And to let you no I'm not going to make a giant match stick like you did because... Well I've got into trouble with using it an plus I was not the one who came up with the invention. Before I end my comment, I have a question to ask the people who made a comment, and I'm asking you to that.... If there's any advice you all can give me about How to use fire in a safe, proper,an positive way please reply to my comment.
u can neva be safe when havin fun, but as for reducing risks the easiest thing to do is wear safety goggles and long welding gloves. number 2. make sure u know want ur little experiment is capable of, for instance if u burning wood make sure the woods not close to other wood not intended to be lit aka bushes, house, big logs etc. but when ur playin with flammable chemicals make u use very small amounts the first few times u play with it so u get to know how quickly it ignites, if its explosive, how hot it is, how flammable it actually is, if its toxic etc. As for bombs the same things apply but do it in a open area away from unwanted "audiences" and make sure u are far away and hav enough time to run. But always have a source of water or extinguisher for putting fires out that are going to burn down undesirable stuff, but most important is a source of WATER (no other liquids) for the burns u will no doubt acquire.
Tetranitrate (author)  BlisteringHOT187 years ago
What is this "safe, proper,an positive" you speak of?
im with u on that one i spent about 4 months not doin what i like cos i burnt myself with metho soked into my skin but i dont think SAFE or PROPER are words to be used by the sane / insane (like me) pyro and positive should only be to describe an electronic igniters red wire \ PYRO 4 LIFE
dude awesome!!! burn!!!!+5!!! (u hve way 2 much time on ur hands <=P)
EnigmaMax7 years ago
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stick this in a potato gun, and light it on fire! ...wait, why am i asking you? i'm doing this myself
ONLYabout 10,000 match heads!!! ROTFLOL!!!
Weird how even though i'd very much like to think that it isn't well... you know what, IT does look A LOT like it.
Kopolis7777 years ago
yyyaaaayyyy!!!!!!!! Fire!!!!!!!!!
This instructable is awesome! I'm making this with a few friends and were gonna light it in the desert, only this match is gonna be a little bigger.
Duct tape!!!!!! Stickin' it to the man!!!!!!
adamthiede7 years ago
Normally I'd start an argument with you about one of you videos. But today, you win. Hats off to you for making the best piece of pyrotechnic work I've seen in a long time. Besides those 8 mortars strapped to a piccolo pete on the 4th of july... good times. You had to be there. Also, why can't you paint the strike anywhere heads?
Tetranitrate (author)  adamthiede7 years ago
It would block the strike anywhere surface.
cocoasauce7 years ago
that is the ultimate pyro "thing" ever. All it needs is a some equally giant to light
make a big lighter! that would be cool!!
Yeah it really would. I think he could do it
yx5167 years ago
yay a pyro filled saturday is a good saturday, ill report back in when im in the hospital :|
Amazing! Great instructable all together. I'm passing this one on to some guys I know would dig this.
That second to last picture looks... delicious.
A good name7 years ago
Holy crap, tht's amazing.
i like how it looks like it shoots during lighting
LOL i luv tyrone biggums
he's the man
Obsessive7 years ago
Thats awesome! Very cool giant match. By the way, correct me if I'm wrong, you listen to They might be giants as well! I didn't think anyone listened to them anymore. Nice.
looks like those weird plant things under the ocean lol
austinator7 years ago
I noticed that sugar/saltpeter smoke mix is thick when cooked, could that be used instead of disolved pingpong balls to glue on match heads to make an even larger smoke plume? or would there be so much smoke, the match would put its self out?
pyro137 years ago
Great instructables, big match, and your even good with kids (step 13).
kids:"can i touch it?"
tetranitrate: "uh...no not the top"
that must have been interesting to explain at the emergency ward
deth2all7 years ago
Notbob deth2all7 years ago
abend7 years ago
Where is that giant expanse of concrete? I need something like that near my house, for, um... Science. Yeah, for science. That match shows some great imagination, and that place looks like the ideal environment for it.
Tetranitrate (author)  abend7 years ago
Alameda Point
knex-4-life7 years ago
damnit i want to build that :D lol luv it keep up the good work
old_code7 years ago
me like fire. must light fire. Excellent!!!!
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
wow dude, int the second video, it looks like your at the Mexican-American border
viper200957 years ago
you are officially my idol
MyAnodyne7 years ago
Hey, yea... this is actually a funny story, your parents came into my work, and we both started talking about different stuff and they gave me your name on here. They were telling me about this match, so yea. It's pretty cool.And this site is pretty amazing. well ttyl - Natalie
Tetranitrate (author)  MyAnodyne7 years ago
Not so much funny as it is strange and random.
tron1o77 years ago
theres a bunch of acholol in the room 2... rule # who cares about this rule " dont play with giant matchs under the influence"
kaseyraex37 years ago
Just a question....did you have eyebrows after you lit the match?
That's hilarious.
tetrainite you have done it again... (i soo have to do this but know my mom wil never let me so i gotta wait till i move out so i can burn up my own house and move back in) nice!
and also wouldnt it feel wierd going to the store and buing 15250 matches?

i'd forget the strike anywhere stuff and light it with a zippo on the ground =)

but really dude this is good. i love that second picture on the first step.
receiver5457 years ago
hahaahhahahahahhaha nice dude this is so random ! i like when i blows up and you jump! ha well nice instructable! great job!
altaria19937 years ago
"They are performing the rarely seen matchbox mating dance" :q 10/10
bikerkid7 years ago
THat is insanely big!!!!!!!!!
thats what she said
shoeBlade8 years ago
Tetranitrate (author)  shoeBlade8 years ago
WHO was billy gordon
nerfer1927 years ago
wha was that glowing crap in the bowl?
how come in the video, when the camera goes past Eric the guy says ewwww :P xD XD
rejectcarp7 years ago
So awesome! I'd love to do this on the volleyball course on campus.
fire7 years ago
Hey tetra, just had to throw this your way.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to take the guy up on the $10k reward (see comments)

notker7 years ago
good job damned woho i plan a 10 zoll long match not really big but yes mine
(i have bad english)
Ladape8 years ago
You can buy that nitrocellulose? Tried to find where but can't find enything :S i've found nitrocellulose chips or something like that but where to buy liquid nitrocellulose?
Ladape Ladape8 years ago
i mean where can you buy that? (typo) (english isnt my best language)
Acetone is nail polish remover.
Put your nitrocellulose chips into some acetone... done.
Ohh cute dog. :( Nice match! I liked how it flared like a smaller one does, only in megasize.
Charles IV7 years ago
"I got a little excited when thinking about how awesome the giant match was going to be, and ... well ... long story short thats not nitrocellulose

Lolz you got pretty excited didn't you.

T-man7 years ago
WOW!!!!!!! that video is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
manmelvin7 years ago
Wow dude Um how old r u Tetranitrate U work at instructables! awsome that would be the coolest job ever
manmelvin7 years ago
u just put each matchbook in a paper cutter works really well
Hold_out7 years ago
Now use the giant match as a "strike anywhere javelin" . To bad we don't have a time machine to go back to the wild west. "Take that cowboy" *cowboy's drops to ground shirt burning.* Or you could have a wild west stand off. * "Draw" *Kid gets a giant match out of pocket.* now I'm just rambling. I'll stop now.
babbie7 years ago
W0w man this is great absloute cool

check what we made with matches http://youtube.com/watch?v=7jP6cCIHkD4
bowmaster8 years ago
Moreno8 years ago
How much money do you spend on this project?
Darkshot8 years ago
how old are ye and were you get the matches?
dpocius8 years ago
Awesome! Dude, I got just 2 words for you: Burning Man!
lol thats what i said 2
Ward_Nox8 years ago
I would be completly not suprised to see them light the burning man w this next year (trouthfuly what else could it me used for practicly
Ushanka8 years ago
Someone must come up with a more efficient way to cut match heads. Unfortunately, laser cutters are no good and any friction is bad. I can't think of any good methods. In the past, I'd hit wooden matches with a hammer or something and collect the powder. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Warning for those who can't figure this out on their own: Do not try this with strike anywhere matches.
You look quite attractive with your huge stick. :)
which one???
Givadanger8 years ago
ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES! Yea, look at this evirmentalist! He cares!!!:)
sasgty98 years ago
howd you get so many people to watch...
Tetranitrate (author)  sasgty98 years ago
It was show and tell night at instructables headquarters.
haha nice! great instructable... im kinda hungry right now i think i need to be touched by the"fsm"... and maybe cookie monster while i'm at it...
Johnny2x48 years ago
Told that kid what twice not to touch the top. Hummmm one of those custom made laser pointers would light it real easy. that i what a really want.
A-FREAKING-MAZING this instructable wins, it doesn't matter what because it wins evrything in loving memory, what happened
Tetranitrate (author)  master-of-chaos8 years ago
The dog later killed me.
I only killed you with kisses! My twin (Rocky)and I just LOVE our brilliant cuz' Tetranitrate. And by the way, now that my photo is on instructables.com, just where the hell are my royalites???? woof woof Love and licks, Romeo P.S. Any future prospects of doing a project where you make a giant dog biscuit???
Caffi-Os8 years ago
Billy I LOVE you so much! You should come live with me! -Caffi ;)
andy608 years ago
edhalfdead8 years ago
Probably the safest place to set it down with minimal risk of accidental 'striking' to get a good finished picture showing the most detail.
Wolfpack8718 years ago
This is a very good instructable. Thanks for sharing and good luck with that world record of yours. This is basically what the website is all about.
lynzay_8 years ago
congrats on the big (sorry, GIANT) match, it gave me much pleasure. at 2am :)
although i dont think i have the mental fortitude to cut off 15000 matcheads.

one reccomendation, though
perhaps on your birthday you can light a giant candle on a giant birthday cake
while wearing the Giant sandwich :)

Now thats what i call youtube GOLD
Tetranitrate (author)  lynzay_8 years ago
Lol, I was the one who rigged those giant candles with the confetti poppers for Eric's birthday. I also brought the caffeinated jello shots to that party.
testify8 years ago
What do the dissolved ping pong balls do?
Tetranitrate (author)  testify8 years ago
They hold the match heads together, and burn nicely too.
did your neighbors noticed anything FISHY when they saw you bring that many

matches home?
Hope he doesn't get a call from Homeland Security
uzerzero8 years ago
That matchhead mixture in the bowl looks a lot like ground beef. Did you do this while doing your internship with Instructables?
--Thatguy--8 years ago
how old are you? you look like a teen but in one thing it says u have children, (i take it the kid thing is a joke)
Tetranitrate (author)  --Thatguy--8 years ago
18, no kids.
ohk lol, wow you don't look 18 (no offense) but it makes more sense about your expert(ish) skills of all that pyro stuff
[Creams everywhere] cool cooool
Mr.Bean8 years ago
i was going to do this exact same thing like a year ago but didn't get around to doing it!!!!! great project though
this is totally awesome. I hope it got you laid.
Tetranitrate (author)  margin walker8 years ago
No, unfortunately (as is the case with most of my other projects) the giant match caused the screaming girls to run away from me, and not at me.
I'd offer cause anything involving fire, in my book, is hot... wait... nevermind...
Aw, no "baby, light my fire"?
The match was great... But I might have to say that my favourite part was the background music to the vid :P
dude giant matches. awesome thank you for making something so cool and teaching all of us. sharing is caring
Am I just geeking out or is the plastic squirt bottle from a lab?
Tetranitrate (author)  xenobiologista8 years ago
Yup, its a standard lab wash bottle.
Channelling a certain boy wizard there? (Sorry, I know Harry Potter references are overdone at this time of year.)
Notice how the last photo was shot "away from anything flammable"... oh, except for that carpet! ;-)
Adrien8 years ago
Wow, This is realy creative... Great work! Can I ask where you live? You look fairly familiar.
whoa! your name's spelled the same as mine! that's a first
Tetranitrate (author)  Adrien8 years ago
I live a lot of places, where are you from?
California? Lets start there.
Tetranitrate (author)  Adrien8 years ago
Ok, well I am in California for the summer interning at instructables. Can you be a little more specific as to where you've seen me.
I am really impressed. This project is fabulous. My kids liked it too. Thanks for the video!
xboxteen018 years ago
awesome instructable and better cover story for the invention of matches. keep up the good work TNT
normal8 years ago
this is AWESOME!!! Great work, excellent photos, cool topic, and wonderful match!
At least hes got a fire extinguisher though i dont think its big enough to put out the match
It would be cooler if it was coated with the chemical and not just a bunch of match heads glued to a stick.
Tetranitrate (author)  CrustyCrayon8 years ago
But then I'd have a bunch of people whining that its not a real match, and just a 4x4 coated with some pyrotechnic chemicals. At least this way there is no denying the composition of the giant match head is exactly what is used in real matches.
That stuff on matches is called Phosphorous. you could probs found more about it on wikipedia.
Tetranitrate (author)  Ribs8 years ago
It depends what type of matches you are talking about. "Safety" matches do not contain any phosphorous. For safety matches the red phosphorus is located on the striking strip. When the match is struck the friction turns a small bit of red phosphorous into white phosphorus (which burns when coming in contact with air), and ignites the potassium chlorate and binder mixture, which makes up the match tip.
'Posing with the match' love it!
Greasefire8 years ago
This instructible is HILARIOUS!!! Now you have to make a to-scale box of them!
Ribs Greasefire8 years ago
i agree with the hilarious bit!
Great song choice. Funny, I get "Lincoln", and now I can't seem to escape the catchy grasp of They Might Be Giants.
Tetranitrate (author)  ProfessorZ428 years ago
I had a tough choice deciding between "Purple Toupee" and "Where Your Eyes Don't Go".
I'd say political parody fits a video of a giant madch better than an ode to paranoia.
And, of course , that should say "match". Typoes(typos?) are one of the most annoying things in existince. Along with my nephew and High School Musical.
5Volt8 years ago
I'm pretty sure you could carry one of those on a plane...
5Volt8 years ago
There's nothing more enjoyable to play with than fire. No. Great picture of you. Ciao
Hungry_Myst8 years ago
That, sir, is amazing.
crestind8 years ago
Couldn't you just whip of some of that stuff on the match head instead of cutting up a bunch of small matches?
Tetranitrate (author)  crestind8 years ago
Yes, I could, but at the time it was just easier for me to go to the store and buy matches instead of mail ordering chemicals. I like the projects where all the materials can quickly be bought at a store instead of waiting for shipments to arrive. That way, if a person wanted to, they could run out, buy the materials, and have the whole project completed in an afternoon.
So... how many times did this blow up in your face?
Maxaxle8 years ago
So...Many...Comments. That's pretty cool though. Three words of advice though: MIND YOUR FACE. No, seriously...shouldn't you be wearing some sort of welders' helmet? P.S. What's next, a giant Chapstick container...or Thumbdrive....or pen???
OH MY GOD... THANK YOU GOD, FOR LETTING ME BE THERE IN A WEEK! p.s. Let's make a giant propane torch next...
Or a giant lighter! :D
CameronSS8 years ago
Not trying to kill the amazingness of this project, but DO NOT use old treated lumber for the 4x4! Arsenic treated lumber was banned in 204, but it's still everywhere. When burned, it releases an incredibly toxic cloud of smoke. Arsenic=bad, if you didn't already know that.

Other than that, this is SO COOL!!! Although, anyone with enough time to kill to cut the heads off 15,250 matches... Sheesh. Wish I had that much free time.
Oh oops, I forgot to post this match-related link.
Tetranitrate (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
Yeah Theodore Gray has a lot of great stuff.

I'm not too worried about arsenic, I'm sure the burning ping pong balls and spray paint masked the smell of it.
Burning ping pong balls and spray paint aren't quite in the same league as arsenic vapors. There's a reason it's the quintessential poison of yore.
Tetranitrate (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
Point taken, I amended step 3.
kawouter8 years ago
omg t3h h4x! This kicks azz, i really hope you'll get in the guiness book of records.
Kiteman8 years ago
Both my sons and my wife just watched the video. She just rolled her eyes. The boys want to know: is this a record-breaking match?
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Right, I've had a quick furtle on the Guinness site, no sign of a record for world's largest match.

Tetranitrate - I suggest you get in touch with them. They weren't there, but you have so much documentation/video evidence I'm sure you could swing it.
Tetranitrate (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thanks for the advice. I created an account on the Guinness site, and submitted the Giant match. They say it takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to respond though (unless the person is willing to pay 300 pounds, in which case Guinness respond real fast).
Cool - the site's first record-breaker.
Dark_Helmet8 years ago
What's with the "in loving memory"?
dbarak8 years ago
This reminds me of when I was a kid, we'd stick a strike anywhere match into an unloaded BB gun and shoot it at brick walls where it would burst into flames. Small, yes, but still fun.
dbell dbarak8 years ago
BB gun and brick wall? Heh...
We would use a long thistle tube (q.v.) and the chem teacher's blackboard!
They would really *pop* when they'd light, too...


whatsisface8 years ago
At first i didn't believe it was real, but that is SO DAMN AWESOME much respect for having the patience to cut all those match heads
rocketbat8 years ago
im happy now! thank you tetranitrate! definately a +
That was truly amazing! I think I just found a project that will consume all of my free time for the next few weeks.
theque8 years ago
Wow. I love this. I cant wait to dream abot making one (but never be able to do it).
lightpacker8 years ago
so tetranitrate your name is Billy ?
Murdok8 years ago
Did anyone else catch the PVC marshmallow shooter at the end?
CMSnead8 years ago
Hahaha, this is such a terrible idea. And like most terrible ideas, is absolutely AMAZING. I love it. I wonder how many houses are going to get burned down or people picked up for buying all the matches you need. Love it. Well documented and everything. Truly wonderful.
This is sweet now make it into a giant tin foil& match rocket, lol This gets 1,245,653.2 gold stars and an entire taco bell
technick298 years ago
chalky8 years ago
PS/ its a good job you kept your tie out of the way man lol
chalky8 years ago
Easy Button8 years ago
were you at instructables when you toke the video
Kiteman8 years ago
. .. ... .... ..... ...... .......(closes jaw)
god damn thats a lot of match heads!!!! very cool!
Ohm8 years ago
That, is, freaken awesome!!!! I bet the nitrocellulose helped the burning process just a little. That thing would be the perfect bonfire lighter.
Could you just take a band saw to them and but them off in a big strip? they look like they are lined up perfectly for that.
you may have to think of the friction...

friction = heat + matches = firey mess

haha... Giant match = awesomeness
Punkguyta8 years ago
Took ya a while to post, just recovering from the burns??
ongissim8 years ago
I am making this right away!...as soon as I get the proper permission from my fire dept., of course :-D ! Great instructable!
I've been waiting for this =]
ll.138 years ago
insanity+1,000 I can see there's no health & safety where you guys are.
iman8 years ago
Dude that was friggin awsome !!! :P
mrbob10008 years ago
hmm... i think i just might have to make one... you know how stubborn wood can be when you need a fire the most!