Step 13: Unedited video footage

is that the double rainbow guy in the 2nd video?!?!
jammindewy5 years ago
Check this out! Shortage comming? 
Tapeplayer5 years ago
Very cool
syphek6 years ago
thats pretty cool, but that kid is absolutely insane
do you just have regular explosion watching parties at your house? that was awesome I have to admit. I really like how it exploded into flames and then stayed lit for so long.
mattyew6 years ago
awesome! But it must have smelled pretty toxic with all the acetone, plastic and paint!
rboos6 years ago
They should have used one of these to light up the 2008 olimpics torch... awesome work, excellent instructable!
could you make a box of matches, complete with striking surface and giant matches? i would like to see that
Johnny2x48 years ago
Told that kid what twice not to touch the top. Hummmm one of those custom made laser pointers would light it real easy. that i what a really want.
normal8 years ago
this is AWESOME!!! Great work, excellent photos, cool topic, and wonderful match!