Step 6: The first coat

Lay the 4x4 out on a smooth flat surface. Draw a line 6.71 inches from the top. Everything above that line needs to be coated in the match head mixture; however, due to the drying time of the mixture, only one face of the giant match can be painted at a time.

1. Put some paper or a towel underneath the head of the match to prevent mess, and help collect all the matches that fall off the side.

2. Slowly pour the mixture onto the upward facing side of the match. This is only the first coat, so lay the mixture down as thin as possible while still making sure to cover all the wood.

3. Wait about 1 - 2 hours for the mixture to dry solid , then rotate the match and repeat until all four faces are covered.

4. To coat the top of the match head the entire 4x4 will have to be vertical. By placing it next to stairs I was able to easily cover the entire top without too many match heads falling off.
How much would this whole thing cost???
Elvis_Yeah8 years ago
Comment on 9th picture...
 what is that?
tell me bout it
vandal11386 years ago
I hope it is something else.... The pinkish hue is scary.....
hahahahahahah i was chaffing when i first got it
puffyfluff7 years ago
It is odd that the location in which it was applied is out in the clear sight of public (I think). It just scares me a tad bit...
Weird how even though i'd very much like to think that it isn't well... you know what, IT does look A LOT like it.