Step 9: STRIKE!!! anywhere

The tip of the giant match will be coated in strike anywhere match heads. This gives it the ability to be struck anywhere, and I literally mean anywhere. So many strike anywhere heads were needed to cover the tip of the giant match, that any friction (whether it be against an abrasive surface or not) is liable to set off the giant match. This is because many of the strike anywhere tips are not facing directly upward, so even a blunt impact to the side of the match may cause one of the heads to rub against another and ignite. Only one tip going off is enough to set off the entire match, so practice extreme caution when attempting to glue the match heads to the top.

Gathering and attaching the strike anywhere tips

1. One box of 250 strike anywheres should be enough to cover the entire top of the giant match.

2. Using wire cutters clip the heads off each strike anywhere match.

3. Use a felt tip marker to trace an outline of where the strike anywhere tips will go.

***All work on the giant match from this point on should be completed outdoors, away from anything that will burn easily***

4. Coat the head of the giant match with the nitrocellulose lacquer.

5. Place each match head (strike anywhere tip up) into the lacquer.

*The goal is to get red part of the strike anywhere coated in the lacquer, but AVOID getting any on the white tip.
<p>WOW that is awsome</p>
<p>I liked all the humor in this. Very well done. Aaaannnddddd, since I'm here. I must note that I just went on Wikipedia and it says that Marco Polo did not bring the match, and that he died of illness.</p><p><br></p><p>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Polo </p>
<p>Best thing I've seen in a long time :) Thanks for posting it!</p>
Any chance of reuploading the videos to youtube?
Giant match.... equals giant fire??? <br>COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Step-11 <br>Picture-1 <br>Ride 'em cowboy!
I just noticed that in the first unedited video the video quality make the distant city look like it it burning.
How much would this whole thing cost???
you bring the match i bring the big chandel
I'm going to use this giant mach to light a huge bundle of fireworks. You know. For SCIENCE.
How was that not illegal?
Marco Polo died from illness, and lived about 650 years ago.<br />
If wikipedia said it, then it must be true.
hehe, funny<br />
yeah yeah. its written in wikipedia! its true! its true!
All hail wikipedia!<br /> LOL<br /> JK<br />
Everyone knows that <em>everything</em> you read on the internet is true. And, wikipidia is on the internet, so, it's true!!!<br />
so true.
I quote Wikipaedia (gasp!), &quot;In 1323, Polo was confined to bed, due to illness. On January 8, 1324, despite physicians' efforts to treat him, Polo was on his deathbed.&quot;<br><br>Hmm, any relation to matches???
According to wikipedia, Marco Polo died from illness, and lived 686 years ago.<br />
U should make an instructable on how to make a giant fire
heres how to make a giant fire: get a lot of flammable stuff, and combine it with a lot of flammable stuff. put it all somewhere. burn it. ta-da, giant fire.
"Dissolve the balls". Worst quote ever....
Was supposed to be a smiley
darn space loss
now, you will tell us what we want or we will disolve the balls!!! mwahahahahaha!! okay coffee break now. (walks away while balls disolve)
that was wood? i thought it was rubber :)
is that the double rainbow guy in the 2nd video?!?!
Where did you light it?
it looked like he had a piece of sandpaper secured onto a piece of ply wood.
No,Like i mean the place
apparantly, make sure you have enough alcohol to complete the project...
of course. what fun is fire without alcohol?
Was it a school project?<br><br>And the flame does look quite like the outline of a baby...
Looks like anemone. Very flammable anemone.
spray paint is flame able. explosivley falmable!OO <br> U
This slightly reminds me of that scene in &quot;9&quot; when 5 grabs a match to light a barrel of oil to destroy The Machine. though this match is slightly larger.
you sir are funny
Lol reminds me of MythBusters. It would be a good idea to not do the match head cutting around New Years with all the sparklers and all
wow..this is seriously awesome! =D
Chuck Norris uses this to light his BBQ grill
you have a giant match but only a normal sized fire crew on hand hahaha lol nice instructable
I wish I was creative.

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