Step 9: STRIKE!!! anywhere

The tip of the giant match will be coated in strike anywhere match heads. This gives it the ability to be struck anywhere, and I literally mean anywhere. So many strike anywhere heads were needed to cover the tip of the giant match, that any friction (whether it be against an abrasive surface or not) is liable to set off the giant match. This is because many of the strike anywhere tips are not facing directly upward, so even a blunt impact to the side of the match may cause one of the heads to rub against another and ignite. Only one tip going off is enough to set off the entire match, so practice extreme caution when attempting to glue the match heads to the top.

Gathering and attaching the strike anywhere tips

1. One box of 250 strike anywheres should be enough to cover the entire top of the giant match.

2. Using wire cutters clip the heads off each strike anywhere match.

3. Use a felt tip marker to trace an outline of where the strike anywhere tips will go.

***All work on the giant match from this point on should be completed outdoors, away from anything that will burn easily***

4. Coat the head of the giant match with the nitrocellulose lacquer.

5. Place each match head (strike anywhere tip up) into the lacquer.

*The goal is to get red part of the strike anywhere coated in the lacquer, but AVOID getting any on the white tip.
D00M994 years ago
Looks like anemone. Very flammable anemone.

what is nitrocellulose that pingpong ball stuff

vandal11386 years ago
looks like something only penicillin would cure....
vince 096 years ago
so how long did it take you to do just the top of the match? lol
Choko-Ale6 years ago
To me, it looks like fungus or something Oo
looks like those weird plant things under the ocean lol