Picture of Giant Metal Animatronic Cyborg Hand of DOOM!
Picture 129.jpg
Picture 143.jpg
Picture 166.jpg
It is useful for taking over the world.

I thought of it after I saw this Simple Animatronics

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
for this you will need;


bike chain
1/2 in pipe
nails, or thin metal dowel
duct tape
metal plate
thin steel cable


metal saw
drill press
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itsjustdoc3 years ago
Pal...this is riggin' BEAUTIFUL!
dude we need a video of you using these things i think i speak for all of us
Where did you get the springs? Im making a pvc version with plastidip sprayed hands for better grip and the springs are all that i need to get.
Try cheap mechanical pencils or pens :P
wraith1096 years ago
awesome but i am gonna try to make it smaller, I am being terminator for Halloween.
vt8057 years ago
i drew a picture of it.
hand of doom.bmp
Foaly7 vt8056 years ago
hehehe ha. look man, it's carnage. YAY!
I tried making a flame thrower like hand thing but I just couldn't get it to work
try an arm mounted air-gun gauntlet >:D
AlexTheGreat (author)  vt8057 years ago
That is a hilarious picture.
naw naw naw you need 5 flame throwers to attatch to the top of each blade finger! :D
i am asctually loling HARD!!!!
dude, thats pwnage lol
budd426 years ago
correction, play guitar hero, then take over the world. both are fun to do!
Loveofchaos7 years ago
dude..... you just gave me the awesomeoust idea... so i drew it on paint.... PAINT ROXXORZ FTW! ... sorry had to get that outta my system. But yeah, i think itd be simpler than making a hand... and itd just be the coolest thing in the world to have a mechanical hand with 6inch knives for fingers.
Knife Slasher thing.bmp
... freddy kuegur? I hope I spelled that right.
It's kruger but that doesn't matter it's still the same kknife weilding mass murderer we know and love <3
dont know... kuegur doesnt look too right but..... i might be wrong.
dont forget the flame thrower wich u can easily make out of low cost butane burner.. its nothing without the flame thrower PS. u can get powerfull lasers out of dvd burners (they can even light a match)
sorry forgot the spring in the pic
bowmaster7 years ago
Did you really play GH with that?
lolcat3607 years ago
i made one out of straws and thread and the middle fingers stuck
polop7 years ago
one more thing- it should be possible to use brake cables and servos for a fully automated system with allot of strength i will try that one day
codongolev7 years ago
freakin sweet/huge.
Ward_Nox7 years ago
could this be done w PVC?
AlexTheGreat (author)  Ward_Nox7 years ago
mattbeddow7 years ago
Ive found that u can use a bicycle chain with a ribon or similar threaded through and then attached to one end makes a very good finger when the ribon is pulled. with a bit of welding u can make larger sections rigid and stop the finger bending the wrong way. this is a bit harder though but gives a nicer result. Sorry i dont have any pics at the mo. I think the mythbusters did a similar thing once
fd93 mattbeddow7 years ago
Ya they did. During the Ninja Special Adam and Jamie were trying to catch an arrow with a hand built with that technique
Abominatus fd937 years ago
on a previous episode adam explained how the hand he made actually go him the job on mythbusters!
you are weird.
AlexTheGreat (author)  mettaurlover7 years ago
Thank you.
data237 years ago
I think I'm in love!!!!!!!! Watch out world, here comes the DATAMAN (For trekkies, that is the data that the writers so rudely KILLED OFF) ****Excuse the offbeat part of this comment****
vt8057 years ago
nice.. im gonna make something like that but it will be better and have lasers and flame throwers and knives in it..
dude... didnt even notice your comment... but yeahh itd be sweet to have knives
Geoffrito7 years ago
Nice instructable. I tried something similar on a smaller scale with some sheet copper and steel, but couldn't find anything decent for the pull-strings...
mechanical hand.jpg
AlexTheGreat (author)  Geoffrito7 years ago
thats pretty cool
mntbkrguy7 years ago
Has anyone thought of making one out of copper using copper pipe and rod? Just a thought maybe my next Instructable... hmmmmm Great job! We need more cool metal projects like this!
duck-lemon7 years ago
how heavy
AlexTheGreat (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
I gave it to my friend, so I don't have it any more, but I think it was between 15 and 22 pounds.
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