This is an instructable that follows the construction of my Giant Monster Hands. They are a Halloween accessory designed to be worn with the Horror Head.

This project was light on preconception. I mostly made it up as I went along. Strap in, kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Step 1: Get Some (stuff)

First off, I bought two pieces of cheap cushion foam, a pair of snug-fitting gardening gloves, a spool of string and a sack of polyester fiber-fill. Other stuff that's needed (but which I already had on hand):

needles, stickpins, strong thread, scissors, treated canvas, wire, and duct tape. And paint, of course.

The first thing to do was decide the general size of the hands that I wanted, and cut them out. I added a couple of other hunks of foam to rough out the shape of the palm, but that turned out not to be really necessary. Bear with me, we will figure this out as we go along.
Looking great!! I can't wait to see the completed costume!
Thank you! I can't wait either!
That is freakin' awesome, as usual!
Thanks, bro (and I mean that literally, not in the way that other people might say it. Like "bruh", for example. I don't mean it that way.) Anyhow, Rob and I hit a couple of thrift shops last night and I picked up the coat that I will be using for the costume! So finally, after days of idleness, I can get back to work on this monster of mine!

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