Introduction: Giant Mushrooms in Minecraft

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Title Says It All.

Step 1: Materials

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Water Bucket,About 6 Bonemeal,Red Or Brown Mushrooms

Step 2: The Process

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( Note This Is Without Mycelium) Anyways Dig Down 2 Blocks Then Use Your Water Bucket.Then Place Your Mushroom And Then Use Your Bonemeal.

Step 3: Done!

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The Red Giant Mushrooms Are Also Ideal For Quick Shelters. Thanks For Reading!


blasbo-babbins (author)2016-03-06

ok,y'know how mushroom need darkness in order to be placed? when water is placed and a mushroom is placed after,the water somehow counts as the required light level for a mushroom and the mushroom takes its place

TaylorM31 (author)2016-02-26

Can u be more descriptive?

BelchingDragon (author)2014-08-04

Why so you use the water bucket?

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