Picture of Giant Pacman fancy dress outfit
This is how to make a 5ft wearable Pacman outfit, the one I made in the pictures won me first prize at an eighties party! It can be simply adapted to make the ghosts too, get a few of you to go dressed as Pacman complete with ghosts, (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde), mayhem will ensue....
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Step 1: Blagging cardboard from skips makes you look like a tramp but it's worth it.

Picture of blagging cardboard from skips makes you look like a tramp but it's worth it.
In life, there are always pills to be eaten and cherries to be collected, and I personally find that EASIER in a giant pacman outfit. You may have other reasons for constructing such a beastie, but whatever the reason, here's how I did it..

I started out by liberating a huge slab of solid cardboard from the local tip, and blagging another one from a neighbour, then blagging a further 6 Mccoys crisp boxes. (make sure that IF you use cardboard with logos on, you keep the outward facing sides logo-free, so no logos can show through the material you cover it with).

The Pac-sides were shaped first, string and pen to get a good circle, measure a third in for the mouth, and... cut. You can see the intricately constructed shoulder harness in the above picture, which was made by hacking a hole in the top of a crisp (chips for you yanks..) box for my head to fit through and taping the whole thing to the side. Technical stuff eh? I can tell you're impressed.

Step 2: Brackets need to be made a-plenty

Picture of brackets need to be made a-plenty
Cover the sides with cheap yellow material, I just glued it with a glue gun... make sure it's not TOO cheap or you'll be able to see the cardboard through it..

Next, below, you can see the DOUBLE strength cardboard brackets starting to be applied to the circumference of the pac. (yes i DO own a thesaurus.) These will hold the two pacsides together, hence the double thickness cardboard.
ikoda6 years ago
haha. I've seen videos on youtube where students dress up as pacman and ghosts and run around the school. I'd like to try that. xD
 dude! that was at my school!!!! omg! i was in band camp! and we dared blake to go tackle the cherry guy! lol it was funny as hell!!!! drum camp 
cactusmelba (author)  ikoda6 years ago
that's what gave me the idea, the video where they interrupt a lecture and chase each other through the auditorium! unfortunately I couldn't convince anyone to go as a ghost with me even though I offered to make the outfits! There's another video on youtube that shows a pacman chase a ghost through a shopping mall . . . looks great, we need MORE random lunacy like this in life!
If I recall, it was Remi Gaillard, at least I think that's the one you're talking about, just search for "Remi Gaillard - Pacman" on youtube, it's pretty funny. Also, excellent costume, totally gonna make one at some point.
quesoman5 years ago
this is super amazing. great job
Bloody pacman-y brilliant!
Sunbanks6 years ago
:D That's awesome! I love pacman.
Doctor What6 years ago
Awesome! I love it. I was trying to make a thwomp costume, but it turned out horribly.