This is how to make a 5ft wearable Pacman outfit, the one I made in the pictures won me first prize at an eighties party! It can be simply adapted to make the ghosts too, get a few of you to go dressed as Pacman complete with ghosts, (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde), mayhem will ensue....

Step 1: Blagging Cardboard From Skips Makes You Look Like a Tramp But It's Worth It.

In life, there are always pills to be eaten and cherries to be collected, and I personally find that EASIER in a giant pacman outfit. You may have other reasons for constructing such a beastie, but whatever the reason, here's how I did it..

I started out by liberating a huge slab of solid cardboard from the local tip, and blagging another one from a neighbour, then blagging a further 6 Mccoys crisp boxes. (make sure that IF you use cardboard with logos on, you keep the outward facing sides logo-free, so no logos can show through the material you cover it with).

The Pac-sides were shaped first, string and pen to get a good circle, measure a third in for the mouth, and... cut. You can see the intricately constructed shoulder harness in the above picture, which was made by hacking a hole in the top of a crisp (chips for you yanks..) box for my head to fit through and taping the whole thing to the side. Technical stuff eh? I can tell you're impressed.

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