You know Spring has sprung when Peeps hit the shelves. Those little marshmallow chicks herald longer days, warmer weather, and the promise of a future trip to the dentist. Celebrate their reemergence with the Giant Peep, a cake that is all of Spring baked into an homage to everyone’s* favorite April treat.

This Giant Peep Cake is 200x the size of a normal peep, which is important, as it contains a surprise clutch of Peeps within.

*Not actually everyone. Just everyone but Dave.

Step 1: Materials

I originally got this idea from an issue of Food Network Magazine, but decided they had really missed an opportunity with their Peep Cake.  I took their recipe one step further and filled my Giant Peep Cake with a brood of store bought marshmallow Peeps! 


Use your favorite cake recipe for the body of the cake.  You'll want to double it up.  I used two box mixes!  If you want to know a secret, often when I "test-kitchen" cake recipes at work, I'll throw in one that's straight from a box.  It's usually everyone's favorite, which is part disappointment, and part relief, as it means when I need to throw together a cake super quick, no one will mind if I make one from a box.  Shhhh.......


The frosting here really tastes like melted down peeps.  I recommend trying this, although the texture can be a bit tricky, and a buttercream, or even pre-packaged frosting would be much easier to work with.  But if you're game, try this:
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon yellow food coloring
  • Yellow sugar
  • Chocolate for eyes

To shape the body you'll want to use a variety of baking vessels:
  • 9x13" baking pan
  • 1-quart oven safe bowl
  • 2 1/2-quart oven safe bowl

Make sure to grease and flour the pans well.


This recipes makes a solid, delicious, giant peep cake.  But if you're feeling zany, you can hollow it out and fill it with tiny peeps and surprise and delight your guests!  I was able to fit 15 peeps in the cavity I created.
Love it!!!!! <br> <br>
you know you COULD make your own peeps to fill the Trojan Peep..... ;) jus sayin.... hahaha. excellent work as always Scooch!
It's a Trojan Peep!
Oh no! With all the peepy goodness it would be hard NOT to bring it into the walls of my city.
Peeps must be a regional thing - I've never heard of them here in NZ.<br><br>Stop trojan cakes - eat them outside your city walls :)
yea I think they are only are in the USA
I adore peeps it's an illness. This is just plain fantastic, I love that the peep is full of peeps!
yum yum in my tum
That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!
This is really great. I wish I'd seen it before Easter!
I remember reading somewhere that these little guys are almost un-dissolvable. Water and sulfuric acid will only provide a place for the peep to float and wont do anything beyond that. What did work was a very potent protein dissolving fluid (Deadly to humans of course) which&nbsp;<i>finally</i>&nbsp;broke them down, leaving only little brown wax dots that once were they eyes. However this article didn't reduce my love of peeps...
I feel much more comfortable knowing this cake is made from real cake; it's not a giant mash of peeps.
WOW! My son would LOVE this!!!
This is art. A stoke of genius.
Man,what a sugar rush! I love that you took it a step further and added the peeps inside.It definitely adds that element of surprise!
OMG, this is so awesome! I can imagine the laughter that occurred while you were staging the final photos. And now I want peeps!<br><br>I'll have to hit the stores on Monday for half-price peepage.
see what I mean? this cake looks delicious!!! and I bet it tastes the same way too.<br><br>Her hubby is one darn lucky guy....8=)
hahahaah.. so damn true..
that's like half frosting! ok maybe not half, but it's a lot!
Truly a fun idea. I like peeps when they are a little crusty on the outside but don't think you would want a cake like that. Great job!<br>
This is an amazingly delicious cake!!! I think I'll have some more :)

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