Step 3: Shape the Cake

Once the cakes are cool, it's time to carve them into shape.

Cut the corners off of the rectangle and reserve pieces for the tail and beak.

Level the tops of the bowl cakes to create a flat surface.  Eat the scraps immediately.  (you're welcome)

If you want a hollow cake, use the large round cake to mark out its placement on the rectangular cake.  Then cut out a circle about 1" inside this mark (see picture 3).  

Cut a circle inside the large round cake, and also the small round cake if desired.  I kept the smallest circle to place on top and add height to the crown.

Love it!!!!! <br> <br>
you know you COULD make your own peeps to fill the Trojan Peep..... ;) jus sayin.... hahaha. excellent work as always Scooch!
It's a Trojan Peep!
Oh no! With all the peepy goodness it would be hard NOT to bring it into the walls of my city.
Peeps must be a regional thing - I've never heard of them here in NZ.<br><br>Stop trojan cakes - eat them outside your city walls :)
yea I think they are only are in the USA
I adore peeps it's an illness. This is just plain fantastic, I love that the peep is full of peeps!
yum yum in my tum
That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!
This is really great. I wish I'd seen it before Easter!
I remember reading somewhere that these little guys are almost un-dissolvable. Water and sulfuric acid will only provide a place for the peep to float and wont do anything beyond that. What did work was a very potent protein dissolving fluid (Deadly to humans of course) which&nbsp;<i>finally</i>&nbsp;broke them down, leaving only little brown wax dots that once were they eyes. However this article didn't reduce my love of peeps...
I feel much more comfortable knowing this cake is made from real cake; it's not a giant mash of peeps.
WOW! My son would LOVE this!!!
This is art. A stoke of genius.
Man,what a sugar rush! I love that you took it a step further and added the peeps inside.It definitely adds that element of surprise!
OMG, this is so awesome! I can imagine the laughter that occurred while you were staging the final photos. And now I want peeps!<br><br>I'll have to hit the stores on Monday for half-price peepage.
see what I mean? this cake looks delicious!!! and I bet it tastes the same way too.<br><br>Her hubby is one darn lucky guy....8=)
hahahaah.. so damn true..
that's like half frosting! ok maybe not half, but it's a lot!
Truly a fun idea. I like peeps when they are a little crusty on the outside but don't think you would want a cake like that. Great job!<br>
This is an amazingly delicious cake!!! I think I'll have some more :)

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