Step 6: Decorate the Cake

Picture of Decorate the Cake
Frost the cake with a "crumb coat" first - a thin layer of frosting to keep all of the crumbs in tact.  Since we did so much carving on the cake, it's sure to be crumbly, and we want to contain the mess as much as possible.

Once the cake has been coated, start piling on a thick layer of frosting,  Use this to smooth out the shape of your final peep, and build out the beak and the tail.

Coat the cake with a thick dusting of the yellow sanding sugar.  The only way I was able to get it on the undersides of the beak and tail was to sort of throw the sugar up and at it.  It was pretty fun, if not terribly effective.

For the eyes, I melted some chocolate and poured little disks.  If you have chocolate wafers, use those instead.

Remove the strips of waxed paper and serve.