Picture of Giant Pencil
Hi, our names are Jennifer and Justin. This is a #2 pencil that we made from scratch. We hope you follow the steps bellow and use our prop for future productions
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
Make sure to get the materials below
Paint: yellow, black, green, red
Long cardboard tube
1-2 Toilet paper cardboard tubes
Small paint bottle about 4-5 inches tall
Hot glue gun
A color pencil
Tin foil

Step 2: Pencil Body

Picture of Pencil Body
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
Make a space where you can put the yellow paint. Take a large paint brush and paint the tube yellow. Wait for it to dry and paint it again.

Step 3: Metal Tip

Picture of Metal Tip
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
Cut a tin foil piece so it is about 2 in. tall and fits snug all the way around the top of the pencil. Fold about an 1/2 inch of the foil inside the cardboard tube. If you want it to stick better to the cardboard tube, you can hit glue it on. Once on paint the tin foil green. Once dry paint it again. After your second coat is dry paint 2 yellow horizontal stripes on the foil. For brighter yellow color, wait for first coat to dry and paint a second coat.

Step 4: Eraser

Picture of Eraser
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
Take a near empty paint bottle that is about 4 in. tall. Paint the bottle red. Once dry go over it again 1 or 2 more times. Hot glue it in the top pencil where the foil is. Make sure that about 1-2 inches of the bottle is showing.

Step 5: Wood of Pencil

Picture of Wood of Pencil
13, 8:21 PM.jpg
Take the toilet paper roll and cut it in a diagonal line. Roll it up until it is a cone shape with a hole in the end that is big enough to fit a color pencil. Hot glue the toilet paper roll where you aligned the diagonal line so it stays in the cone shape. If needed wrap another toilet paper roll around the cone so it will fit better inside the long cardboard tube. Hot glue the cone a little less than half way in the long cardboard tube.
Where do I get gigantic paper?