Picture of Giant Pillow Pet Bed!
A fun and easy way to make a soft and machine washable bed for your best friend (I made one for my Dogs, but there isn't any reason the same principle couldn't be applied to make a bed for a very small dog or cat). Materials are all easily found, very basic sewing skills required, faster and easier if done with a sewing machine but can be done by hand!

NB: this is my first instructable, so if you think I missed anything or need to change something, please let me know!
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Step 1: Source and Gather Materials!~~

Picture of Source and Gather Materials!~~
Things you will need: most of these can be recycled, upcycled or found in and around your home, otherwise you will most likely be able to source them from a local charity store or second hand shop or the local craft store.
~ Mattress protector or pillow case (old and smelly is great as it is likely to be familiar and encourage your pet to sit/sleep on it)
~ Pillow or Hobby Stuffing (how much you will need depends on the size bed)
~ Fabric to Cover the bed (Polar Fleece for something warm and soft for the gentle pets, or a canvas/drill for the tougher types, or an old blanket, doona/quilt cover)
~ Thread, any colour you like to match your fabric, go for an upholstery thread if you can as its a bit stronger.
~ Scissors, sharp enough to cut the fabric doubled over.
~ Soft Sewing tape measure and or Ruler.
~ Pen or Pencil or Tailors Chalk for marking.
~ Sewing Pins to secure your fabric.
~ Patience and a little creativity.
SparkySolar1 month ago
Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it

J-Five1 year ago
Very cool,
And you accidentally used the wrong form of principal, you meant principle.
sarahofsydney (author)  J-Five1 year ago
Thank you! fixed that now :)
No biggie it some words can be confusing. I personally have to check between words like it's and its.
J-Five J-Five1 year ago
Plus I think the dog looks very comfortable.
That looks so comfy! I want to sleep on that!
I agree, scooch. And with that cute pooch!
Oops, sorry for the accidental rhyme.