Step 9: Decorate

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Sand down the tip where the nipple of the balloon made a non-egg like mark.
Give it some more time to dry without the balloon.
You are ready to decorate.
Let your imagination run wild here.  Spray paint works.  You might try a primer coat to make it smoother, less porous.  I want to try painting it, covering part with masking tape and painting a gain to get stripes.  In the pictures I just painted it Silver and Pink. 
I really like the metallic colors.  Gold has worked nicely.  And there is the nice imagery of the Golden Egg.  
I'd love some ideas on decorating, this is not my strong suit.
Check out the painter pyramid instructable I did www.instructables.com/id/Painters-Pyramid-cardboard-version/.
y123212 years ago
i have a problem....after the plaster dries and i try to remove the balloon, the minute i cut the balloon the whole thing collapses because the balloon squeezes on the plaster. Any suggestions?
Obediah (author)  y123212 years ago
I believe that you might need to:
A) wait longer so the plaster is harder
B) Use a bit more plaster to make it stronger
C) when i popped it, i just cut a tiny hole in the end opposite the air valve of the balloon. and the balloon just peeled off by itself, and i just had to remove the last bits.
D) in making these, I was successful about 1 in three times, So failure is an option.
it's a challenge to great the right mix of water vs plaster, and the right amount of plaster total to use. And nothing sucks more than to have put in all that work to see it crumble. I would love to see a picture of the final when you do it!
Obediah (author) 5 years ago
Here's where I ask the Instructables Community for input...Plater seems very porous when painting.  I would love to get a smooth glossy, almost glass like finish if I could.  Is there something to coat plaster with to help with painting?  I've tried primer, but that didn't seem to do much.