Giant RC Paper Plane


Introduction: Giant RC Paper Plane

What you will need :

1. One SawnCraft paper plane kit.
Sawncraft Paper Plane Kit

2. Hot glue gun
Hot Glue Gun Kit

3. Hobby knife
Hobby Knife

4. Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue

5. One motor: 28-12 1534kv outrunner

Brushless Motor

6. One 8x4 propeller


7. One 30 amp electronic speed controller


8. Two servos: 5g sub-micro

9. One receiver: 6-channel ultra-light ***Must be compatible with your transmitter!***


10. Battery: 1000mAh 2S/3S


11. Colored Tape
Colored Tape

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Out Parts

Cut the foam tabs as per the manual in the kit to separate the parts.

Step 2: Step 2: Glue Parts Together

As per the manual included in the kit, glue the parts together. Follow the manual carefully.

Step 3: Step 3: Tape Control Surfaces On

After the glue has set, use the colored tape (or clear packing tape) to install the control surfaces (elevons). Use the colored tape to add color to your plane if you want.

Step 4: Step 4: Install Electronics and Link Control Surfaces

As per the manual included in the kit, glue in the control horns, let glue set then attach the push rods.

Mount motor, receiver, speed control, servos, and attach propeller as per instructions in the kit.

Step 5: Step 5: Bind to Transmitter and Fly!

Bind the receiver to your transmitter, check all control surfaces and motor are working properly, and fly!



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    You can also buy the kit, and keep the original parts as templates/patterns.
    Use your templates to trace outlines on to cheap Dollar Tree foam board.
    Cut and assemble for as many $4 airframes as you want. :)

    Thanks. Sawncraft does some very neat designs!

    what sized motor and propellor did you use?

    1 reply

    I used a 2830 1300kv motor and a 8x3 or 8x4 prop.

    That's a really cool plane kit! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    1 reply

    Thanks much! The kit was so easy it was my first build ever. Flew great!

    Very nice! This could be painted up to look like a pretty mean Star Destroyer....

    Hmm . . . thanks for posting this!

    1 reply

    I've already built several using the original kit as a template, and they are fun! Thanks!