Giant Ripple Afghan


Introduction: Giant Ripple Afghan

This was my first afghan I had ever made. I made it with the intent as a gift for a friend and he absolutely loved it in the end. It was my first attempt at both an afghan and the ripple pattern. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn (this is how I fell in love with Red Heart yarn for afghans), and a size K crochet hook. The entire pattern is double crochet, with 4 rows of each color, repeated 8 times. Total = 128 rows and approximately 32,000 stitches. I was proud enough of my afghan to attempt to calculate that, ha! It measures 68.5" x 90" so it is quite large and even fits on a king sized bed. I added tassles on each "peak" on both ends of the afghan, containing one strand of each color, and added a black edging around the afghan. The pattern is homemade, but I found a very helpful formula to generate the correct number of stitches for my foundation chain. I found it at labeled as the ripple formula. Extremely useful for all ripple patterns!



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    I would love to have this pattern,  I am wanting to make one for my daughter in law.  She just loves it!

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    I want to make this for my grandaughters bed please Sen me directions thank you

    i need help pleeasssssssseeeeee! I think this is the rpple afghan that i used to do as a teenager  and now i want to make another but can't find the directions for. I tried pumamouse and I cannot get it. If someone has this pattern i would really appreciate your help

    Would you happen to have your pattern for this afghan, and how much yarn you need handy? I love it! And I'd like to give it a shot. :) Sadly the website is down.

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee i need help i have been trying to find a giant ripple afghan and i did to day but i have lost all i use to know about croucheting. please any one e mail me and help a little ole lady who is trying to come back.i need help to at least get me started god bless you all MARIE

    That is a seriously large afghan. Great job; love the colors!

    Woah, nice job! That's pretty big, I would LOVE to have that on MY bed! Nice job, +1 rating!

    Looks nice and warm! Thanks for the ripple formula link- that will be useful. ;)

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    The blanket was described by my friend as being "mad warm." :-)