Picture of Giant Shuriken/Throwing Star
warning: do not throw, unless you want to break it

Step 1: Pointy thingies

Picture of Pointy thingies
make six of these
An Villain3 years ago
Title: Giant Shuriken/Throwing Star
First Phrase: Warning: Do not throw it.
The Sensei (author)  An Villain3 years ago
ok, let me rephrase it: Notice; high probability of breaking if thrown
I see, I like your windmill Shuriken though.
The Sensei (author)  An Villain3 years ago
thanks, any suggestions as to what i should build next?
It would be unfair of me to suggest anything I couldn't make myself.
The Sensei (author)  An Villain3 years ago
im always up for a challenge
Aren't we all.
The Sensei (author)  An Villain3 years ago
well heres the challenge then: a full samurai suit, helmet included, must be recognizable and relatively accurate. also, any samurai weapons can be included. challenge accepted?
NatNoBrains4 years ago
This looks cool. 4*
cool you should build a durable katana with sheath.
The Sensei (author)  altair ibn la ahad4 years ago
ah, the mighty katana. i actually have one built right now and im going to post it soon, however its not very durable and that is one of my current projects; to make a strong katana with a sheath. =:^b
and if you cant do that build a ninjata
The Sensei (author)  altair ibn la ahad4 years ago
woot, thats another one im working on. its almost done too
you have to post
sweet definitely post it
~KGB~4 years ago
ouch. lol =D