Giant Skeleton Minifig (10X Scale!)

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Introduction: Giant Skeleton Minifig (10X Scale!)

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The classic LEGO skeleton was always my favorite character when I was a kid.

When I moved into my first apartment with my wife we found one on the floor, missing a leg, so he was placed on the highest shelf in the kitchen, then when we moved to our first house he was brought along, but lost an arm along the way, so I figured I'd better measure him up before while he had at least one of every limb.

The default scale of my print is a massive 10:1 but it has been successfully printed at half that scale (and smaller) too.

Tools Needed

  • 3D Printer
  • Spanner/pliers (to to match the nut on threaded rod)
  • Scalpel/Knife to clean up prints

Material Needed

  • Threaded rod
    • approximately 300mm/12inches long
    • 4mm or less in diameter (M3 is ideal)
    • 2 nuts
    • 2 washers
  • Filament
    • White PETG is my preference but anything will do (please someone make a glow in the dark one!)
    • With 6 vertical walls and 10% infill (on the large pieces) I used about 1.15kg, going down to 4 walls should bring it under a kilo.
  • Glue (I used superglue for my PETG)

Files Needed

Step 1: Printing

  • All of the parts except the head can be printed without supports (see attached images for orientation)
  • There are two options for the head, one with the face as a recess which can be painted, the other is blank and you can print the supplied stencil to spray-paint it as in my video.
  • Since the parts are almost all cylindrical you can still get a very nice finish at layer height as big as 0.2mm

Step 2: Assemble

See the video for a full assembly guide

  • Sections of arms are joined with glue
  • Sections of legs are joined with glue
  • Shoulder pins are inserted with glue
  • U-shaped threaded rod holds the whole torso and spine together
    • provides extra strength
    • aligns the vertebrae segments
  • Neck is glued on to hide bolts

Step 3: Share


Please do share comments and pictures of your make at MyMiniFactory, I really appreciate it


I have an Ossum Facebook page where I post my latest projects and a Facebook Group which is a great community of makers who have built and modified my projects.



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This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I want one.

Since its a LEGO thing I don't think I'd be within my rights to sell it (I also live in South Africa, so shipping is terrible). There is no problem in paying someone for their time and materials to make one though... just find someone local with a 3D printer.

wish I had a 3D printer! Any one know how this can be printed for someone in the uk?

You could try a place like or just look around for someone in your area who has a printer (there are facebook groups etc). It might be pricey given how big it is, so you might just decide to get one of the $200-300 printers and do it yourself :-)

This is so awesome. My kids are really into all the lego video games and they would go nuts for something like this.

Wouldn't it be fun to surprise them with a 3D printed LEGO lightsaber at some point?

Thanks :-) I actually forgot to mention that in my description, my final excuse for doing this project was to make it for my 4 year old, he loved it.