Picture of Giant Slingshot
I originally set out to make a hammock stand after seeing this DIY article (http://www.herecomesthesunblog.net/2013/08/diy-hammock-stand.html), but then realized it was unwieldy once I finished it so I decide (with a few modifications) to turn it into a Giant Slingshot. I think the pictures tell all. I have future plans to purchase high tensile rubber and add another hole to each arm for mounting the rubber so I would have four rubber bands.
Dinoman2175 months ago

This is cool! How far can it shoot?

Slasher5771 year ago
I made a hammock stand afew years back it looks like that
naborden1 year ago
You forgot to put instructions in your instructable
Wallyman (author)  naborden1 year ago

Didn't really need/want to, I'd rather inspire people to build a variation of something rather then a replica and building it can be easily extrapolated from the description.