Step 7: Slip and Slide!!

Picture of Slip and Slide!!
Now, we can crank up the sump pump, and watch the water run up one side of the PVC, across the top, and down the other side.  Get your swimming trunks on and start sliding!
YoChuck4 years ago
Great project! I'd love to see a video of it in action! Also, one cool addition could be a ramp at the end to launch into the pond.

That is what I would have done if I had a pond to use... I'm surprised this guy didn't, all you would need is some plywood ramp sides cut with a jigsaw, a 2 by 4 frame and some foam mats to put underneath the plastic for padding

l99roufs4 years ago
About how much did this cost?
BenReilly4 years ago
Great instructable. An idea for those of you who don't have a pond though. We made one and at the bottom used square haybails and moe plastic to build a pool about 10"x10" poool. We also didn't have a pump so we just used a water hose and let it run. Also cheap dollar store baby wash is an excellent lube if your not sliding very good at first. Once you've used a bottle or so, the pool at the end has enough in it that when you get out and go back up you still have baby wash on you so you don't have to reapply.
Excellent instructions, now I just have to buy a pond with a hill!
so very cool. Can't do it here on Long Island Cause I would need to knock down a house to make the pond. Truely a think the kids will remember when they get old and jaded!

great instructable