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Do you live in a state with lots of snow and really cold weather but you have no where to ski? (like Minnesota) Or you just don't feel like spending 20+ bucks to go ski somewhere and you just want to stay home. Then this instructable is for you on how to make a ski resort in your own backyard! Coming soon (hopefully): A box and rail instructable.

Step 1: Materials

This is the fun part where you get to shovel 2 tons of snow.

-Snow (and lots of it, helps when you get a record snowfall)
-Shovels (a small one and a big scooping shovel)
-Cold weather (-1 helps)
-Two friends to help you
-Wood (to help in the making process)
-Time (took me and my friends 2 whole days)
-Lights (for working at night)
-Ladder (to get on your roof)
-Common sense (since you'll be working mainly on top of your roof a you'll be skiing off a jump)

Step 2: Preperations

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Start by finding a decent spot to build your ramp and make sure you have plenty of room in your back or front yard (about 50+ feet). Once you know where you'll have your ramp take a big piece of ply wood and stick it behind where all your snow will be so doesn't pile up against your house. Then climb up on your roof and start shoveling that snow (this is where you need that big shovel). At first dump it in a pile and continue pileing it up to the edge of your roof (this is where 2 days and 2 friends come in handy).

Step 3: Sides

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Once youv'e gotten a decent pile of snow (doesn't have to be at the edge of the roof just yet) place small pieces of scrap wood on the sides however wide you want it to be (I made mine about 4 feet wide). The purpose of the scrap wood is to basically make a mold and to help shape and compact the snow. Because with out the wood it would take exponetially more and more snow to make a pile and to keep the snow from coneing up. Also you can take the scrap wood and use it to help pack the sides.

Step 4: Packing and Finishing

Now once you have the rough shape of the ramp you can start to have fun while working by taking a sled and going off your roof (don't go to the top of the roof just yet) to start packing down all that light and fluffy snow. In between each run, add a couple shovel fulls of snow since packing it will reduce it's size. Also by this time the lights will come in handy. After 10 runs it should be well enough packed down that you can start splashing water on it, wait 15 minutes and it should be nice and solid (this is where -1 degree temperatures come in handy). After that the ramp should be complete so put on some skis and go have fun. At the top of the roof it helps to build a flat area out of snow, so you can easily get on your skis and sit down on your sled without sliding off the roof.

Step 5: Accessories

Picture of Accessories

Who wants to just ski down a hill? Thats why you build a nice big 3 1/2 foot jump to do awesome tricks off of (like a backflip). The angle and height of the jump may vary for how high you want to go and how far. A lower jump angle will give you more distance than height, and a higher jump angle will give you more height. A good mix of both height and length is a jump with a 45 degree angle. I prefer a little higher degree jump, like say 60 degrees, so it will give more height but less distance. Most jumps at ski resorts are curved to give you a kick which give you lots of height. Also if you build a jump build a nice soft landing since it hurts landing from 5ft up in the air onto solid ice. A good way to find out where you'll end up landing is to pile lots of soft fluffy snow way more than you'll need and way less than you'll need just to play it safe. Then once you know where your going to land, create an elongated and wide jump, with about half as much slope to create a nice gradual soft landing.


dameonfields (author)2017-11-21

How do you pake the snow down with out it falling down of anytihng?

noname420 (author)2011-01-13

What i like best about this is, most of the night shots the person has a T shirt on. But in the day shots the person has a jacket on.

Evan2010 (author)noname4202011-01-13

The person with a T shirt was me. It was two diffrent days and the day with the t shirt was warm (around 28).

O_O mean in Fahrenheit????FREEZING!!!i can barely stand outside when its 50 degrees outside with a coat on!!

XD We minnesotan's get used to the cold

TOCO (author)2011-01-17

Cool, Have you ever been to spirit mountain? My cousins used to go their a lot. But now they cant because they are both in college so they dont have the time to go.

Evan2010 (author)TOCO2011-01-17

Yeah I have been there but its kind of small.

TOCO (author)Evan20102011-01-20

I think the last time I was there was 6th grade (4 yrs ago). I just stayed on the starter (my cousin calls it the pancake hill) hill to help my little brother who must have been like 6 at the time. I had the hang of it right away. The ripstick helped me a lot. My little bro (a skateboarder) didnt get it so fast. My cousin took off and went to the bigger hills. It was fun to watch my brother fail and to be the nerd that was doing so much better that the popular kid.

ONLINEG1 (author)TOCO2016-08-17

Do you guys live in minnesota?

HLightning11 (author)2016-02-03


taz8430 (author)2015-01-04

cool beans man it is awesome i live in colorado it snows alot

camping crazy (author)2014-10-28

A trick for piling up alot of snow in one place is too get someone to stand at a stopped snow blower wit just the auger running, point the chute where you want the snow and simply shovel the snow into the auger.

Dakota Joel98 (author)2014-01-30

Wow that is cool, I dont get snow though where I live, though.

cr8smthng (author)2014-01-19

I broke my collarbone on one of these as a teenager, completely worth it! Haha

Dr MonkeyMan (author)2013-12-19


as9 (author)2013-10-21

Makes me wanna sled,,,

Boppylop (author)2013-02-10

I WOULD SO LOVE TO DO THIS!!! But i live where it dosent snow... :(

letstormdufield (author)2012-10-18

Haha last february the blizzard did this for us!

Aron313 (author)2012-03-04

Why is this posted in the airsoft group?

tim127 (author)2012-02-28

I wish it was only 20+ dollars. where I am its usually 50+

aidanjarosgrilli (author)2012-02-21

Next time you make one, put a gopro or small video camera on the skis or snow board. :)

popewill (author)2012-01-29

Man, down here in the dakotas we barely have any snow, as soon as I get some I'm totally gonna do this. That makes me wish I have a snowboard. oh well, I guess ill just use my snow skate.

blodefood (author)2011-12-03

I would so not do this. My parents live in an area where they get a lot of snow. They had ice damage from snow melting and refreezing on one side of the house because the accumulation was taller than people. They had to have the entire wall replaced as well as parts of the roof and floors.

mberg (author)2011-06-02

pic 3 is awsome

BillBiker (author)2011-02-24

I really did not read too much on this one, but I do have a question. Won't this put alot of stress on your roof? Possibly making it warped?

Evan2010 (author)BillBiker2011-02-25

Not at all. I should have taken a picture of my roof before this, there was a four or five foot snow drift on top of it

Evan2010 (author)2011-02-21

We just got hit with another snow storm of about 14 inches so maybe I'll be able to build it up again. Hopefully.

ddunau (author)2011-02-16

Thers ice on it so its smooth enoughh to be able to go down. Theres one on my pagee. Massachusetts

ddunau (author)2011-02-13

I did this same idea just now. Only took me about 15 hours total over a week. Here are some pictures of how it turned out.

Ill make a video eventualy

gibsoncrazed14 (author)2011-02-12

add a video and ill bump it up to 5 stars

vomajeff (author)2011-02-07

Very cool ible!! when I was younger (a long time ago), I used to build sled runs off the side of the house. My kid and his friends would sled down it all day long. Have a great time enjoying your project!!

Ghost Wolf (author)2011-02-02

I would love to see a video of this 4.5 star by the way

PS. I'll give you the extra .5 if you make a video

lol 5 stars JK

AWWasylik (author)2011-01-30

sweet :)

ducktape.mac (author)2011-01-29


howangcturtle (author)2011-01-23

Ohh so if it melts it'll just melt off the ramp and the there are clearance between the house and the ramp. I think it would be nice to have a detailed video =)

+1 for videos?

livntoasty (author)howangcturtle2011-01-25

I was thinking more of a BLOOPERS video! :) Yes?! :) Great job on the ramp!!!!

maggielovesmarch (author)2011-01-24

OH wow!! :)

jensenr30 (author)2011-01-22


The_DonuT (author)2011-01-22

hehe nice jumping style =P

howangcturtle (author)2011-01-20

what about the problem of leakage in the house when the snow melts? And standing on a roof of course O.o

I'd totally do this if i can proof to my mother that this is safe hahaha

Evan2010 (author)howangcturtle2011-01-20

It might be hard to tell in the photos but the snow isn't piled up against the side of the house to prevent leaking and to prevent the wall of the house from rotting.

Also a tip to prove to your mom that it's safe is to pile up all the snow before telling her so she'll then see how much work you put into it and let you do it. Just kidding, but my mom knew about it and my idea to, ski off my roof and she thought it was a great idea and let me do it.

lucek (author)2011-01-18

Can you say Darwin award anyone?

quakefiend (author)2011-01-16

you could avoid having to have so much snow by building a ramp that backs up to your roof with a few inches of snow packed onto it. Maybe nail ridges (small strips of osb) on it to hold the snow better.

Evan2010 (author)quakefiend2011-01-18

I was thinking that but it had already snowed.

lphillips094 (author)2011-01-17

dangerous but fun... the two best things in life

Evan2010 (author)lphillips0942011-01-18

Couldn't agree more.

lphillips094 (author)2011-01-17

its all fun and games until someone gets hurt... then its even funnier

amazing idea!!!here in texas we dont get as much snow though...=D

viewsonics (author)2011-01-16

Im going to have fun here in Estonia with that snow. We have 1,5 m snow here :D

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