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Introduction: Giant Spider Dog Costume!

Halloween Costume Contest 2016

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Halloween Costume Contest 2016

We decide to bring our wonderful pet in on all the fun for our family costume! Note, our dog LOVES attention, and is SUPER friendly, and easy going. Not all dogs would enjoy being this dressed up, so know your pet. But our dog had the time of his life!!!

Step 1: You Will Need

Here is what you'll need to create this hilarious doggie costume!

  • 2 1/2 yards of furry brown material
  • 16 pieces of black felt (8X10)
  • Large dog harness (I found mine used for 5 dollars)
  • 9 plastic garbage bags
  • Large bag of material filling/stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Strong craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Step 2: Make the Abdomin

Stuff one of the plastic bags, until it is full. Close it with hot glue. Cut out a circle of fabric, and glue it over and around the stuffed bag. Set aside.

Step 3: Make Legs

Make each leg, 8 total using the following steps:

  • Cut 8 pieces of wire three feet in length
  • Stuff a plastic bag 1/3 of the way full
  • Glue shut
  • Add fur to the bag
  • Stick the wire through the bag leaving 4 inches at the top
  • Fill one sheet of black felt with a small amount of stuffing, forming a tube. Secure tube with glue.
  • Feed that tube throguh the wire, below the furry part, and secure with hot glue
  • Add a 4 inch strip of fur below the black felt
  • Add another piece of black felt below that (no stuffing in this one)
  • Repeat process 8 times

Step 4: Cover Harness in Fur

Cut a piece of fur to the outline of the harness. Hot glue fur to the harness, covering it completely.

Step 5: Add Legs to Harness

One by one, feed the top 4 inches of wire through the harness, space apart like spider legs.

  • The wire is sharp enough to poke through, without a hole being pre-cut.
  • Feed wire through
  • Use needle nose pliers to twist wire to secure it
  • Then stick wire into the leg, and sucure the leg to the harness with hot glue
  • You want the wire to be hidden in the leg, so that is can't touch your dog
  • Comfort and Safety for your animal above all!!!!

Step 6: Add Abdomin

When all the legs are attached, add the abdomen!

I used only hot glue, but you could stitch it with fishing line for added strength if you wish.

Step 7: Be a Big Hit!

We went as a Family Circus, and our Giant Spider was the hit of the party! And trick or treating was an absolute scream! Nothing like seeing a 100 lb Spider running down the street on All Hallows Eve! Have a blast this Halloween including your furry family member on all the fun!



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Love it! That is fantastic; well done.

This creeeeeeeps me out! Man you have great ideas!

This is so cool, cute dog!!

Awe! Thank you! We sure love him!

I can honestly say that he loved it! It was comfy, and he has a blast! But not all dogs would like being dressed up for sure. You just need to know your pet.

I have a 225# Mastiff and this would be hilarious!

Thank you! It really was pretty scary, my hubby took him jogging, and people were so freaked out!