I love sticky notes, I use them for everything. Most often I jam them in books,  make myself reminders, leave love notes, but most often I find myself trying to draw on them.

Whenever I have an idea to build something, often the first piece of paper I see is the post-it note on my desk, I aggressively put pen to paper trying to get as many details onto a 3x3 inch note pad as I possibly can.... You guys, that Post-It is way too small for my really big idea!

With the availability of GIANT 3M Post-It Easel pads, I was able to make MY WHOLE WORK-SURFACE a great, big, sticky note! WIN!

I used the following for this project:

Tools Required:
  • Table Saw
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Pliers

NOTE: You could sub the 3/4" and 1/4" plywood for 1", or thicker, piece of plywood. The IKEA table legs I used needed to be anchored to a 1" piece of wood.

Gracious gif making/modeling help from jessyrafink.

Step 1: Going to IKEA

Let me make the following very clear:


The IKEA website makes it pretty easy to plan ahead, I was able to pick out the table legs I wanted and even figure out where in the store I could get them. All I had to do is select which location I planned to go to, and it told me that I could find them in Aisle 8, Bin 16 of the warehouse section.

I was in and out of the store in 10 minutes. VICTORY!
<p>want so badly :D nice 'ible</p>
What a cool idea!
I'd call the regular pliers &quot;bullnose&quot;
We couldn't remember what they were called! Thanks. <br /> <br />(As a joke, we started calling them wide-mouth pliers.)
We simply call them pliers, we get specific only if we need some other sort of pliers. When you go to the store to buy them, they are labeled slip joint pliers
reminded me of my bedroom. i have a wall covered in A3 paper that i use as a whiteboard (mostly reminders and rough sketches)
Ya.. and $60 for a set of legs seems crazy too. I love the idea, but this project is big budget for DIY.
Such an Awesome way of bringing Dreams to life!<br><br>It's amazing! What a great idea for kids and adults alike!<br><br>Artists, Doodlers &amp; Sketchers will go nuts for this :P<br><br>Great Job, I know what my weekend project is now....
I love everything except the price of the paper pad. $52! Yikes!
Lovely post with lots of good pictures. Thanks for taking the time. <br>N
IKEA - they solve problems at home that ya never even knew you had!!! :)
This is such an awesome idea, really :D <br /> <br />also: totally famouuuus

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