Picture of Giant Tissue Paper Flowers
My house recently hosted a Midsummer night's dream-themed party and we wanted to decorate our backyard like a magical woodland clearing where fairies might hang out and get up to mischief.  We came up with these giant flowers made out of tissue paper to put up all over the yard as well as on our gate to make it easier for guests to find our house.  They look really impressive but they are really simple to make!  All you need is a few sheets of tissue paper and some pipe cleaners!

Step 1: Fold and cut tissue paper

Picture of Fold and cut tissue paper
I found that 5 or 6 pieces of tissue paper per flower was a good amount to make a full-looking flower but also making as many flowers as possible!  Fold each color of tissue paper in half and then in half again.  Keep folding it in half until you have a long strip about 1 inch wide.  Cut the ends at an angle and cut each folded strip slightly shorter than the last one, as shown in the picture.
simone123126 months ago

so cool my kids loved it

Awesome, you should post pictures!

vivi1211 months ago
cool!! I love trying 2 make these
SHIFT!2 years ago
This is a very cool project. As a professional papercrafter, I endorse this project!
Thank you! Coming from you, that means a lot!