I decided to make this for the USB contest so please vote for me if you like it. It is a giant USB flash drive that has an actual flash drive on the end so you can plug it into a computer and use it.
You should make a Giant USB socket that it can put in. Buy a USB hub and a couple flash drives to plug into the USB hub. Stuff that into the Giant USB Flash Drive!
seriously whats the point. how would you take this usb stick around with you. what if you needed it at work and you walk there, you cant put it in your pocket so seriously
It's for the comedic effect. When people see this in reality, they might laugh. I didn't really do this to win the contest or anything just for laughs. I will be redoing this pretty soon and will most likely spraypaint the whole thing instead of electrical tape and construction paper.
I like this man, i think its hilarious. <br>
I think this is pretty lame, it could have been put together better and not just construction paper and electrical tape, or what ever you used, you should have made it actually look like a real USB
it would have been really neat if you had made it where you had to use the giant usb plug as the actual connection....and made a giant USB adapter cable. like giant on one end, regular on the other.
Thats what my friend was saying but I don't have any USB female connectors so I can't do it. It would be really cool though. I plan on using this in school next year and seeing how many people I can get to laugh at it.
well, if you have any USB cables at all, that's all you need. you'd be making a &quot;fake&quot; female connector, and using a real male connector.<br> basically you could make a &quot;box&quot; that fits around the male end of your fake USB drive, on the inside of the box you'd have a way for it to make a connection to contacts on the male end of the fake usb drive, then on the inside of the fake drive you'd&nbsp; just do a direct connection between the connectors on the fake drive to the connectors on the real drive. then you'd connect the USB cable to the connectors in the fake female connector.<br> <br>
Nice, I like the photo of you wearing it around your neck.
I had to add the lanyard to show it off. Maybe I'll cut out the letters USB and put LED's inside the box powered by USB so it looks cooler.
Nice. I like how it actually works.

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