Ewwwwwwww. Made in the shape of a witch's nose. No, do not stare at the hairy wart. Don't run when the nose is runny.  Great for any Halloween decor. 

They do have giant nose soap dispensers on the market but you have to sqeeze them manually to get the soap out.  No one will want to touch this.  Just magically pass your hand under the nose and soap will automatically be dispensed.

Note the sounds are the pump priming the liquid soap since it was the only first time it was used.

You  can pick your friends.  You can pick your nose.  But you can't pick your friend's nose.

Disclaimer: No witches were harmed in the making of this ible. Any resemblence to noses belonging to persons famous or infamous is purely coincidental.

Step 1: Stuff to Fix Yer Nose...

This is based on an automatic hand soap dispenser unit that  was purchased.  I found these at the discount store which was putting out remnants of last winter's holiday season.  I found the dispenser had a shell or cover plate which popped off making cover plates interchangeable when they are manufactured.

I could replicate the cover plate and pick something of my own design.  Since I do not have a 3-d printer or laser cutter at my disposal, I will make something from cardboard and papier mache.

You will need some cardboard, paper and glue.

A utility knife, scissors, or heavy duty shears to cut the cardboard.

Based on previous experience,  I wanted to add some nose hairs to the nose, and wanting this to be hygienic, I found two silicone basting brushes at the discount store too.

You can paint this nose afterwards and test your skill at mixing a fleshtone but I was going to try to create a weird skin texture using Gorilla Glue.  The polyurethane type of glue expands and cures from moisture in the air so it seems to "foam" a bit when it cures.  

Nice job, caitlinsdad! Maybe I will make one, but more simple. You gave me a good idea.
They should install these in public places to dispense hand sanitizer.

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