Giant Wooden Head





Introduction: Giant Wooden Head

I built a giant wooden head I'd love to share. My muse was a pile of 30 year old pressure treated wood from an old dock. From pile to head took me two weekends. A good reason to spend the day outside

Any old pile of wood should do the trick for you.

To get started you will need.

  1. A large pile of old wood
  2. Nails, Nails, Nails
    1. I used 3.25" and 2 3/8" nails
  3. Circular Saw
  4. Power Source (I wasn't near a plug, so I used a portable generator
  5. Framing Hammer
  6. Tape measurer

This instructable won't give you a step by step process, instead it should show you the gist of my project and help inspire you to build your own. Hopefully, the pictures and drawings show some of the problems and solutions I ran into.

Step 1: Build the Initial Frame

Based off the wood at hand, the footprint of the head would sit in a 12x12 foot square. I based this size off of the preexisting dock pieces, but any shape and size should do. Let your pile of wood talk to you and help you figure out the dimensions of the head.

Use angled pieces to connect the walls. As soon as you have two walls up, the structure begins to stand on its own. Its helpful to have a second person to help here.

Step 2: Build the Top of the Head

Next, it was time to build the top of the head frame. This was by far the most difficult part of the head.

Here, having a second pair of hands is key.

The idea is to build two three sided top beams that will be then lifted and nailed into place. At first, these will feel rickety, but as more pieces of wood are added, the roof will gain strength.

Step 3: Start to Build the Face

Now we get to play the role of a cosmetic surgeon, building the 'bone' structure of the head. As you can see above, I started with an A-Frame that would later be the nose and mouth. Then, I added cheek bones and eye sockets.

This part took quite a bit of trial and error, as I attempted to cut the raw wood to the right lengths.

Step 4: Adding the Skin

Once the bone structure has been completed, its time to add the skin. Panel by panel, the head begins to take shape. This needs to be done on all sides, including the top of the head.

Slowly the beast comes alive.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Next steps for me is to build a bench inside of the head. And, perhaps, connect the head to Amazon Alexa so I have conversations with it

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    27 Discussions

    Thanks oz9els, for sharing the link to the 6 Forgotten Giants. They're very cool!


    9 months ago

    Pretty cool! Would be fun to randomly build these here and there just for fun. Imagine discovering something like this when you're out hiking in the woods. :-) Would make an interesting shelter for campers along a camping trail.

    4 replies

    I'd preach caution on building in randomly selected locations or on public land. I do a lot of Andy Goldsworthy-esque natural sculpture work and have as a result had more than a few run ins with parks service including threats of fines and citations. Most natural areas aren't really welcoming to this sort of thing unless you are doing it withe permission, or on private space. you can see my stuff on instagram under jonmeany

    Interesting stuff on Instagram, btw. Nice pics too.

    Nothing like livin' in a free country, eh? :-)

    Put a door in the back and you have a neat little changing room if you are close to a swimming pool or a beach. You can store towels and maybe even put a shower inside that structure-that is really neat.

    Sweet. You should pluga alexa into some reaaally loud speakers to get the full effect.

    1 reply


    Very cool! Love it.

    It's large enough - why not turn it into a storage shed?

    Great job buddy love your work!


    9 months ago

    Voted for in both categories. Reminds me of the giant flying (stone) head in Zardoz, which was a bonkers British Sci-Fi film from the 70's. Of course!

    1 reply

    Yes! That's exactly what I thought too! That 1974 film was was so weird and wonderful... think Sean Connery in red and black S&M gear falling for the beautiful Charlotte Rampling in hippies and crystals future distopia. Good fun! Lol

    Wow!! Beautiful art...smaller landfills. Love it!

    Looking forward to the giant head party, Sam.

    Love it! Super creative.

    A wooden Moai. I love it!