Giant Wrecking Ball


Introduction: Giant Wrecking Ball

Here I will show you how to make a Giant Wrecking ball for LARP/Foam battling

(Please keep in mind this is not a step by step since the construction is so simple)

1 $2.50 bounce ball (the ones you get at walmart in the white rack)
10.5 ft of plastic chain- (10 ft 5 inch)
2 roll of duck-tape
1 camping foam matt
1 chain connector
About $15-20 in material

The process is simple. Measure 5 inches from one end of the chain. once you have found that specific link cut it off. next measure 5 inches from 1 end of the new chain. once you have found that link, attach the chain connector to that link and the 5 inch plastic chain you cut off. When you are all done you should basically have a    Y   shape. Next spread the Y shape around the ball and duck-tape both 5 inch chains around the ball.THis will insure it stay attached to the ball. Next get you foam matt and cut big long strips that will cover the ball and duck-tape each strip to the ball until it is covered. (Basically its like paperMishay. when you are finished covering the ball recover the ball in another coat of tape to smooth out all the rough edges and make it smooth. Do not be afraid to pull tight. Thats it!!!. You can add spikes for an even cooler effect.



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    its ballistic.. light and keeps people at a good distance!!

    nice. How good is it.

    ueeee...god nooooooo!!..please dont say that

    I came in like a wrecking baaaall!