Step 3: Lay Out the String Line

Lay out a string line to help you get the first row of paint circles straight.  Just remember to line it up in the direction you want the Twister field to be.  Also make it at a minimum the length of the Twister field.  You really only need this for the first row of paint circle.

Just pound in two stakes and run a string between them.  That's all you need.  If you don't have stakes you can always use two trees to run the string between.
<p>I love this idea and am considering it for a 5th grade party (90 kids). My co-planners are concerned that kids might get hurt, say if a larger kid falls on a smaller kid. Any experience with this? Are we being overly cautious?</p>
We had a bunch of kids playing and no one got hurt. If you compare it to a regular twister mat you don't have to worry about the mat slipping under the kids.
Wow I love that idea
Outstanding idea, kids parties anywhere. <br> <br>As an extension of this for damp grass or portability, a person could paint it permanently onto some 'builder plastic roll' sheets and lay it out with some tent pegs to hold the edges. <br>Peg it onto the side of a hill slope to add to the action :-), put soapy water onto it in summer, get some laughs. <br> <br>Spray onto a hard surface area. <br> <br>Really great simple idea. WELL DONE!
Great idea for the hillside. You could made it a combination Slip and Slide/Twister board.
Another one came to mind - randomly placed dot colours or circular. <br>This is such a cool idea, ran out and bought the marker paint so I am ready to go, told another guy about it, he though it was pretty good too. <br>Australia is going to be covered in dots soon :-) <br>
wicked cute! how long did the paint last? <br>
I should also mention that the circles looked a lot better when you stand right by them and look down on them. When you first paint them they look very crisp around the edges. <br> <br>From across the yard looking at them with more of a horizontal angle they tended to look a little rough.
Thanks. It looked great for a couple days. The grass was growing fast though. After the next time I mowed the yard it looked good for a couple more days. It's been about 3 weeks now and you can just see some faint colors in the area of the circles.
That's a great idea, and looks fabulously fun!
Ooooh, that looks like fun :D

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